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About Salt movie

Salt is a 2010 English action movie featuring Angelina Jolie as a CIA officer. Her role of being a CIA officer in the movie has shed her sexy image that she is known for.

Jolie says an injury on the sets of the movie has left her scarred.

Salt movie in News

Billy Bob Thornton 'still talks' to ex-wife Angelina Jolie
Billy Bob Thornton has revealed that he will "always" be friends with ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Jolie wants wedding to exude 'ethnic traditions'
Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to "incorporate different ethnic traditions" into her upcoming wedding to Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie's kids 'very happy' about mum's villainous Maleficent role
Angelina Jolie, who plays a negative role in the new movie 'Maleficent', said that her kids are quite excited about their mom starring in the flick.

Angelina Jolie pilots prop plane from California airport
Angelina Jolie gave new meaning to the term 'jet setter' as she flew a small prop plane from Van Nuys airport in California on Friday.

Brad Pitt 'terrified' over partner Angelina Jolie's health
Brad Pitt, who is concerned about his longtime partner Angelina Jolie's health, is said to have given the actress "an ultimatum that she has to start eating."

Angelina Jolie 'still upset' over disastrous Oscar dress humiliation
Angelina Jolie is reportedly struggling to get over the humiliation caused by her dress that gave her a disastrous look at the Oscars.

Angelina Jolie says partner Brad Pitt now plays bad cop to kids
Angelina Jolie, who shares six children with Brad Pitt, has said that her partner has now become the tougher parent of the two.

Angelina Jolie visits McDonald's amidst 'malnourishment' claims
Angelina Jolie, seems to be hitting back at critics who said she looked "dangerously malnourished," as she pulled up to a Hollywood McDonald's for some fast food.

I'm not one of those moms who lectures, says Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has revealed that she does not lecture her kids.

Angelina Jolie slammed for young Zahara's hair extensions
Experts have criticized Angelina Jolie for taking her 6-year-old daughter Zahara for hair extensions.

Angelina Jolie buys swearing toy parrot for Brad Pitt's 48th birthday
Angelina Jolie bought long-term partner Brad Pitt a toy named Polly the Insulting Parrot for his 48th birthday.

Brangelina to open AIDS clinic in daughter Zahara's native nation Ethiopia
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be opening an AIDS clinic in their adopted daughter Zahara's native country Ethiopia to ensure that she is always in touch with her African roots.

Angelina Jolie starves herself to help hungry kids
Angelina Jolie has been starving herself to make a statement that poor kids around the world are not getting food to eat.

Angelina Jolie has very few girlfriends
Angelina Jolie has admitted that she has hardly any female friends.

'Bad girl' Angelina Jolie says she's lucky to be alive after wild past
Angelina Jolie, who is famed for her wild past, has admitted that she's lucky to be alive, given what she put herself through in her "dark and dangerous" youth.

Angelina Jolie 'looking to expand her role at UN refugee agency'
Hollywood beauty and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is reportedly in talks about a new and expanded role with the UN refugee agency.

Jolie honoured for completing 10 years as UN Goodwill Ambassador
Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has been honoured for completing 10 years as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.he 'Salt' star was vested with the honour by the United Nations refugee agency in Switzerland for her humanitarian work at a ceremony attended by government officials, diplomats and aid workers.

Angelina Jolie takes children to crafting store despite London riots
'Salt' actress Angelina Jolie did not let the riots in London stop her from taking all six of her kids to a local pottery shop to paint and decorate clay objects.

Angelina Jolie stops traffic during shopping trip with kids
'Salt' star Angelina Jolie is said to have brought traffic to a stop when she went shopping with her kids in Richmond, south-west London recently.

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