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When Madonna left Thomas Hardy starstruck
Inception star Tom Hardy has revealed that he was so starstruck after meeting Madonna that he hid in a car to avoid the pop superstar. ANI

Star Trek film tops 2009s most pirated film list
The latest Star Trek film has topped 2009s most pirated film list. ANI

Thandie Newton fell in love with hubby at first sight
Actress Thandie Newton has revealed that she had to dump her ex-boyfriend because she fell in love with her future husband Ol Parker. ANI

Madonna, Guy Ritchie play happy family for kids
Madonna and her ex-hubby Guy Ritchie came together to play happy family on a night out for the sake of their children. ANI

Madonna hates being called Madge
Queen of Pop Madonna has said that she hates being called Madge. ANI

Take That among winners of GQ Men Of The Year Awards
Brit pop band Take That won the award for Best Band at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. ANI

Guy Ritchie finally gets kids - for three months
Its finally peace between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, for the Queen of Pop has agreed that her ex-hubby can look after their children while she is away on tour for three months. ANI

Is Jennifer Aniston dating Gerard Butler?
Looks like Jennifer Aniston is all set to get rid of her unlucky-in-love tag and has thus started dating RocknRolla star Gerard Butler, according to sources. ANI

U.K. prison officers blast Bronson producers for glorifying a violent criminal
U.K. prison officials have blasted a new film, which is based on the life of a violent British criminal. ANI

Newly single Guy Ritchie not interested in women
Guy Ritchie, who officially ended his marriage with Madonna this month, is not interested in women - at least for the moment. ANI

Guy Ritchies dos and donts Christmas list for Madonna
Guy Ritchie has reportedly told Madonna to follow a set of rules while the divorced couple spend Christmas together for the sake of their kids. ANI

Madonna, Guy to spend Christmas together for kids
Madonna and Guy Ritchie, who were granted a quickie divorce last month, are to spend Christmas together as a family for the sake of their children. ANI

Madonna hands Guy Ritchie £32m divorce pay-off
Madonna is reportedly set to hand out 32 million pounds to ex-hubby Guy Ritchie as part of the divorce package. ANI

Madonna may have to pay in divorce settlement after all
Madonna, who was recently granted a quickie divorce from hubby Guy Ritchie, may have to shell out 15,000 pounds per month - if Guy wins the custody of their kids. ANI

Madonna takes daughter out of Brit school
Madonna, whos planning to move to America following her split with Guy Ritchie, has reportedly pulled her daughter Lourdes out of her London school. ANI

Madge says she was a Japanese warrioress in past life
Madonna has revealed that she thinks she must have been a Japanese warrioress in her previous birth. ANI

Clooney would love to team up with Guy Ritchie again
George Clooney, who recently shot an advert with Guy Ritchie, has revealed that he would love to work again with the Brit director. ANI

Madonna, Guy Ritchie cannot live with the pretence any longer
Madonna and Guy Ritchie will soon be filing for divorce since they cant bear to live with the pretence any longer, according to reports. ANI

e any longer
Madonna and Guy Ritchie will soon be filing for divorce since they cant bear to live with the pretence any longer, according to reports. ANI

Satisfying quickie sex is just about priming yourself, says expert
Madonnas husband Guy Ritchie may have called a quickie the best type of sex, but in reality, one needs priming for a fast session, says a leading sex expert. ANI

Guy Ritchie says a quickie is the best type of sex!
When it comes to bedroom action, Guy Ritchie prefers a quickie - and says it is the best type of sex. ANI

Heres what happened at Guy Ritchies secret candlelit 40th bday bash
Guy Ritchies 40th birthday bash was a romantic affair with lovely candles and posh wine. ANI

Madge, Ritchies body language betrays their rocky marriage
Queen of pop Madonna and husband Guy Ritchies marriage may be on the rocks - at least thats what their body language during the premiere of RocknRolla suggested. ANI

Madge keeps Richie waiting at RocknRolla premiere
Queen of pop Madonna kept husband Guy Richie waiting at the premiere of his latest film RocknRolla. ANI

Madges Sticky and Sweet tour gig enthrals hubby Guy Ritchie
As Madonna kicked off her Sticky and Sweet tour with jam-packed audience in Cardiff, filmmaker hubby Guy Ritchie watched her performance from the wings. ANI

Guy Ritchie already set with RocknRolla sequel
Filmmaker Guy Ritchie is hoping that his next movie RocknRolla sets the box office on fire, for he has already written a sequel to the yet unreleased movie. ANI

Guy Ritchies movie character inspired by Pete Doherty
Guy Ritchie has revealed that a character in his new film RocknRolla is inspired by Pete Doherty. ANI

Guy Ritchie to submerge himself in work for next five years
While rumours of his marriage hitting rock bottom abound, Guy Ritchie has signed up a host of movies, which will keep him busy with work, at least for the next five years. ANI

Guy Ritchie signs on to give new take on Sherlock Holmes
British director Guy Ritchie has signed on to write and helm a reimagining of super sleuth Sherlock Holmes for Warner Bros. ANI

All is well and wonderful between Madonna and her hubby
Madonna and her British director hubby have slammed rumours that their marriage is in trouble. ANI

Madonna giving vitamin B12 jabs on actors bare bums!
Madonna has apparently been administering the rear ends of actors on the set of her husbands new movie for vitamin injections. ANI

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