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Basic Instinct

About Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a popular English movie.

Movie Story

police detective Nick Curran is put in charge of the investigation of a brutal murder of a wealthy former singer. Beautiful, seductive and wealthy writer Catherine Tramell and the detective's karma leads him into a torrid and intense relationship with the mysterious woman, who also turns out to be very dangerous. At one point, Catherine is interrogated by a panel of police officers, all of them male. During the scene, Stone uncrosses and then re-crosses her legs. The camera angle allowed the audience to briefly get a glimpse up Stone's skirt, showing that she was not wearing any underwear.

The lighting setup allowed the audience to get a reasonably clear view of Stone's genitalia.

Movie cast / Roles

Popular acting roles / movie scenes


Michelle Pfeiffer was approached for the role of Catherine Tramell but she declined saying the scenes are too daunting. The role later went to Sharon Stone.

Marilyn Monroe, in 'Ocean Drive' is believed to have done a 'no panties' scene even before Sharon did in the movie.

Basic Instinct in news

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Sharon Stone thinks that Michael Douglas won his battle against cancer because of his good karma.

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