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Rebecca Loos

About Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos is a model.

Personal Biography

Rebecca is David Beckham's former lover.

In March 2008, pictures of her new steamy and topless avatar appeared on the internet. She is believed to have dropped from 28 inches to 25 inches.

In 2009, she gave birth to a boy called Magnus and is dating a Norwegian doctor.

Professional Biography

In March 08, she left for London for talks with TV producers about a possible chat show and has hopes of launching her own range of sexy lingerie.

Rebecca Loos in News

NOTW paid Rebecca Loos 'six figure sum' for Beckham affair story: Ex-chief reporter
Former News of the World chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck has revealed that English model Rebecca Loos was paid A 'six figure sum' for details of her alleged affair with David Beckham.

Beckham to sue newspaper over phone hacking
David Beckham is reportedly considering suing News of the World newspaper for allegedly hacking his phone.

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