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Kendra Wilkinson

About Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is a model and appeared on mens magazine Playboy.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Hugh Hefner

Kendra is Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. She was at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles for a while. In October 2008, she denied rumours that she is splitting with Hugh but said the relationship is "changing". She termed Pammies naked stripping act for Hefner's birthday is a 'perfect gift'. In March 2010, she vowed never pose for the mens magazine. She says she wants to get her pre-pregnancy figure back.

Relationship with Hank Baskett

Kendra is married to Philadelphia Eagles hunk Hank Baskett. She had said that her Playboy naked pictures will always haunt her.

In December 09, she revealed a new picture of her baby son on her Twitter page.


Wilkinson has revealed that even though she will no longer pose nude, she still uses the stripper pole to exercise.


Upset with the affect pregnancy, She thinks her ballooning b*s are gross and that pregnancy has changed her sex life for the worse. In August 09, she posted a photo of her bare belly on her website. In March 2010, she opened up about her battle with depression after she gave birth to her baby Hank Jr.


Kendra believes her son will love to watch her pole dance.

Prominent public appearances

Professional Biography

Kendra is reported to have inked a deal to appear in a series of Marc Ecko lingerie ads.

In June 2012, Kendra Wilkinson has announced that she is retiring from nude modelling. She has come to the decision after realizing that there is more to life than posing nude.

List of popular works

  • Girls Next Door

Ranking / Recognition / Awards / Nominations / Postive comments

Other information

Kendra Wilkinson quotes

  • Being here has opened my eyes to so many opportunities, now I can really dream. But I'm scared of the entertainment business, I'm scared of being around all these people. I just hope I can get a behind-the-scenes job, on Playboy mansion.

Kendra and sex tapes

Kendra Wilkinson on her sex tape: This is the hardest time of our lives
Kendra Wilkinson says its the hardest time of her life as the sex tape she shot with her ex-boyfriend at age 18 goes public. ANI

Kendras sex tape sells more than Kardashians
Kim Kadarshian has been knocked off the top spot, as sales of Kendra Wilkinsons sex tape beat Kadarshians. ANI

Kendra Wilkinson planning another baby to save marriage
Former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson is said to be trying to have another child with husband, NFL star Hank Baskett, to save their marriage. ANI

Kendra Wilkinsons sex tape cover revealed but release delayed
The cover art of former Playmate Kendra Wilkinsons sex tape has been revealed. However, the date of its release has been postponed to June over legal issues. ANI

Kendra Wilkinson to lose husband over sex tape revelation
Kendra Wilkinsons relationship with husband Hank Baskett is on the rocks after her alleged sex tape with multiple partners emerged, say sources. ANI

Multiple men romp Kendra Wilkinson in sex tape
Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson is reported to have been caught having sex with multiple men in her alleged sex tape. ANI

Kendra Wilkinsons sex tape due for May release
Former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson Basketts sex tape will be released at end of this month, it has emerged. ANI

Kendra Wilkinson in News

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Kendra Wilkinson applauds McCarthy's Playboy nude stunt at 39
Kendra Wilkinson is glad that Jenny McCarthy has the confidence for stripping at 39 for the latest issue of Playboy.

Duchess Kate's 'amazing' style
Duchess of Cambridge's style has been hailed ''amazing'' by a top Hollywood stylist.

Kendra Wilkinson spotted buying two take-home pregnancy tests
Kendra Wilkinson, who has earlier revealed that she is terrified of reliving the post-partum depression she suffered after giving birth to her two-year-old son Hank Jr, was seen carrying two take-home pregnancy tests.

Kendra Wilkinson gets turned on by hubby's nipples
Kendra Wilkinson has revealed that she gets turned on by her hubby Hank Baskett's ni*ples, as a bare chest is one of her favourite things about a man.

Kendra Wilkinson propagates 'frequent sex'
Kendra Wilkinson believes that people should have as much sex as possible because according to her, frequent lovemaking makes one healthier and more beautiful.

I have no talent, says Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson believes that she has no talent and she does not see herself as a celebrity.

Wilkinson says sex not key aspect of her marriage
Washington, Jan 2 : Glamour model Kendra Wilkinson says that sex is not the most important thing in her marriage to Hank Baskett.

Wills-Kate '2012's most desired couple for sex tape'
Prince William and his wife Kate have been named by Vivid Entertainment as the hottest couple whose sex tape they would like to sell.

Hugh Hefner's exes slam 'mean' Crystal Harris over dog custody battle
Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends have slammed his "mean" ex-fiancee Crystal Harris for wanting his dog.

Kendra Wilkinson can't resist pasta
Kendra Wilkinson says that she can't resist tucking into a big plate of pasta and eats it at least four days a week.

Kendra Wilkinson doesn't find it 'natural' to having more kids now
Glamour model Kendra Wilkinson has revealed that she will have more kids, but will wait for the time being as she doesn't feel ''natural'' to do so just yet.

I never got used to being n*ked, says 'shy' ex-Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson, a former Playboy model and one of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, has revealed that she "never got used to being n*ked."

Wilkinson 'not ready' for second baby despite hubby being desperate
Kendra Wilkinson has revealed that her husband Hank Baskett is desperate for another baby, but she wants to delay it a little bit longer as she doesn't feel ready for it.

Kendra Wilkinson reveals she had 'sex on jet ski' with husband
'The Girl Next Door' star Kendra Wilkinson has revealed that she and her husband Hank Baskett look for unusual places to have sex.

Hugh Hefner's ex girlfriend bounces back from postpartum depression
One of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson has finally bounced back from postpartum depression.

Hugh Hefner's ex fiancee looks like trash, says ex girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson
Hugh Hefner's former playmate has slammed his runaway bride Crystal Harris for saying that the Playboy mogul was not good in bed.

Hugh Hefner needs time to breathe and grieve, says ex-girlfriend
Reality star Kendra Wilkinson has revealed that her ex- boyfriend Hugh Hefner needs to be left alone to grieve after his fiancée Crystal Harris called off their wedding.

Kendra Wilkinson comforts jilted Hugh Hefner after marriage called off
The former 'Girls Next Door' star Kendra Wilkinson has consoled ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner just few hours after his marriage with fiance Crystal Harris, 25, was called off.

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