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Katie Price

About Katie Price

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is a British model.

Personal Biography

Katie Price's sister is Sophie Price who landed her dream job as a telly babe.

Katie has a plush estate in Warlingham, Surrey. In September 2008, she hired 24 hour guards to look after her estate after neighbours spotted intruders.

In July 08, Chantelle Houghton has hit at Katie as stealing her style and being "boring".

Research by Microsoft has shown that Katie Price and the Queen are linked in six steps.

Relationship with Peter Andre

Katie married and later divorced Peter Andre. For more information, read Katie Price & Peter Andre.

Relationships after Andre split

In August 09, Jordan has reportedly admitted that she bedded a Brazilian toyboy during a wild Ibiza holiday just weeks after splitting with Andre.

Relationship with Alex Reid

Professional cage fighter Alex Reid is her boy friend of model. For more information about their relationship, read Katie Price & Alex Reid.


In August 09, friends of Katie revealed that Katie might be pregnant after she has taken three home tests that were all positive.

In February 2010, her suitability as a parent has been questioned after a photo of her two-year-old daughter sexed up like a model was posted online.

Kate says she's desperate to have eight children, five of them with Alex.

In April 2010, she Katie and Alex held a BaByQ party for close friends amidst rumors that the couple are expecting their first child.

In May 2010, she took up yoga after doctors warned her she may be unable to conceive because of toxins in her body from Botox and tanning.


Kate Price was filmed having botox injection in her telly show. She has a perma-tan skin tone.

In September 08, she appeared on Alan Titchmarsh's new ITV1 chat show and surprised her audience with her glamor.

Breast reduction surgery

In December 07, Katie said she will auction her retired implants on eBay and give a part of the proceedings to a charity instead of throwing them in a hospital dustbin. She is expecting the fourth time surgery will reduce them from a FF cup to a 'smaller and more pert' size. In August 2008, Kattie is spotted with a smaller bust but much-fuller lips at a Los Angeles shopping for the first time after she underwent a surgery.

Rape claims - September 09

In September 09, Jordan made a shocking revelation that she was raped when she was younger. The revelation has made Andre to be shocked but Jordan said Andre knows who raped her. A section of public says Jordon's plans to garner public sympathy after separating from Andre by revealing her rape ordeal have backfired. Few days later, it was revealed that the person who raped her is a celebrity. Jordon revealed the identity of the person who raped her on her TV show What Katie Did Next but she refused to yield to police requests of naming the celeb. Jordans ex-fianci Warren Furman felt guilt ridden because he fears he had once accused the glamour girl of cheating on him with the man who she now claims raped her. Jordan finally said she wished she had never said anything about rape.

Other Personal Information

Professional Biography

Film / Television appearances

In March 2010, Katie is rumored to be making a cameo in Australian television soap opera Neighbours.

Her ITV2 show What Katie Did Next is one of the highest rated shows on digital TV. It attracts up to 1.5 million viewers. In June 2010, she signed a 5-million-pound deal with Virgin Media to make more TV shows.


In April 09, Katie began plan to start her opera singing career with her own version of the classic opera song Nessun Dorma. Her hubby Peter even boasted saying she is just like the late opera legend Luciano Pavarotti.


In January 2010, she dressed up like a schoolgirl for a Heat mag photoshoot.

Perfume business

In June 2010, her perfumes have been ditched by retail chain Superdrug after it was reported that Indian workers making the bottles were paid just 2.05 pounds a day. Jordan ordered an enquiry into the allegations of low wages paid to Indian workers making bottles for her perfume.

Ranking / Recognition / Awards / Nominations / Postive comments

Comments / Negative criticism

Other Professional Information

  • Jordan is said to be traumatized after she was spat on the face by a middle-aged woman as she was power walking with her lover Alex Reid.

Katie Price in News

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Underwear says a lot about a girl, says Katie Price
Katie Price, who launched her new 'Katie's Boutique' lingerie range in conjunction with UK chain Store Twenty One, in London on Tuesday, said that a lot can be revealed about girls by their underwears.

Peter Andre finally overcoming commitment phobia
It seems that Peter Andre is finally ready to move on from ex-wife Katie Price and thinks that he has already met the person he is ''supposed'' to marry.

Kate Price's third marriage will last just 6months, claim bookies
While Kate Price is set to tie the knot with her toyboy Leandro Penna, bookies have predicted their marriage will last just six months.

Peter Andre's 'unhygienic' cafe shop given 1 star by health inspectors
Peter Andre's cafe has been slammed by health inspectors for having dirty floors and overflowing garbage bins.

Katie Price sues first hubby Peter Andre over 'breach of confidence'
Katie Price, who divorced her second husband Alex Reid this week, started legal proceedings against her first - Peter Andre on Friday.

Katie Price brands Posh 'Misery Spice'
Katie Price has reignited her war of words with Victoria Beckham and branded her "Misery Spice" after she was photographed looking glum during Spice Girls' recent reunion.

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Newly-wed Danielle Lloyd presented with 200k pounds Bentley by hubby
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Alex Reid poses as 'pregnant man' to empathise with fiancee Chantelle
In a bid to empathise with his heavily-pregnant fiance Chantelle Houghton, Alex Reid became a "pregnant man" for the day in a new magazine photoshoot.

Danielle Lloyd weds fiance Jamie O'Hara on hottest day of 2012
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Alex Reid denies calling off wedding to Chantelle Houghton
Alex Reid has slammed reports that claimed that he has called off his wedding to pregnant fiancee Chantelle Houghton.

Alex Reid calls off engagement to Chantelle Houghton
Alex Reid has become so concerned at Chantelle Houghton's friends interfering in their lives that he has reportedly called off their wedding.

Katie Price to marry for the third time
Katie Price is set to tie the knot for the third time after getting engaged to boyfriend Leandro Penna.

Katie Price to compete in raunchy Argentinean dance show with boyfriend
Katie Price has signed up as a contestant for Argentina's raunchy dance show 'Bailando Por Un Sueno' ('Dancing For A Dream').

New hairstyle cost Alex Reid his marriage to Katie Price
Alex Reid has revealed that trying a new style cost him his marriage to Katie Price.

Katie Price slams 'senile' Posh for saying she represents average women
Katie Price has hit out at Victoria Beckham, insisting that the former Spice Girl is going senile if she believes that her size 6 frame makes her average.

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid to star in own reality show
Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid are believed to have landed their own reality show as a couple.

Christine Bleakley struggles to park her new Range Rover
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Katie Price fuming over stylist giving Tamara Ecclestone her signature look
Tamara Ecclestone seemed to have been given a makeover by Katie Price's stylist, which was reminiscent of the glamour model.

Katie Price spotted holding hands with teenage Spurs' footballer
Katie Price was spotted leaving a club holding hands with a footballer who is 14 years younger to her.

Katie Price and Peter Andre may reunite for kids' sake
Katie Price and Peter Andre are reportedly trying to rebuild their relationship for the sake of their kids.

Peter Andre looking forward to have kids over for Christmas
Peter Andre is excited at the prospect of having his kids with him for Christmas and has been secretly buying gifts for them all through the year.

Katie Price in running to be police commissioner
Katie Price is considering standing in Hampshire's elections for a new police commissioner in 2012.

Peter Andre still 'tortured' by divorce from Katie Price
Peter Andre said that his divorce from Katie Price still 'tortured' him and that he suffered panic attacks on seeing his kids play with Price's next husband Alex Reid.

Katie Price publicly apologies to Peter Andre over cheating claims
Katie Price made a public apology to her estranged husband Peter Andre over cheating claims and also paid an undisclosed amount to him as libel damages, thus settling the slander lawsuit.

Katie Price waiting for perfect man
Katie Price has revealed that she will stay single until she meets the perfect man who ticks all the right boxes.

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