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Helena Christensen

About Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen is a Danish Supermodel and an Editor.

Personal Biography

Helana says she does boxing and keeps slim despite eating whatever she wants.

Relationship with Josh Hartnett

Christensen is reported to be dating actor Josh Hartnett but rumours surfaced that the two are headed towards break up in March 08.

Professional Biography

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As Advertising model

  • Christensen is featured in Daily Star's Top lingerie models racy collection snap for lingerie firm Ultimo.

Helena Christensen in News

Helena Christensen says she likes old-fashioned bras
Helena Christensen, who has been whipping her clothes off for modelling jobs for a long time, has said that she "not really a Wonderbra girl".

Helena Christensen finds contentment in reading and quality family time
Helena Christensen, whose new Reebok campaign centres around what women find most satisfying in life, has revealed what keeps her content.

Helena Christensen dons only necklace in topless pose to launch model search
Danish fashion model Helena Christensen has been photographed in a topless pose, wearing just a necklace, for a photoshoot that is part of a launch for model search.

Helena Christensen took showers with her family as a kid!
Supermodel Helena Christensen has revealed that she used to take showers with her family during her childhood days.

Marisa Miller strips off to fight skin cancer
Supermodel Marisa Miller has shed her clothes for Marc Jacobs' new campaign to fight skin cancer.

Mick Hucknall opens up about his "three-a-day" s*x habit
British singer Mick Hucknall has in an interview revealed he had a "three-a-day" s*x habit, as he bedded 1000-odd groupies in the '80s.

Scarlet Johansson calls for climate progress
Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is focusing her attention on environmental justice for the world's poor.

Helena Christensen highlights Nepal villagers' plight due to climate change
Hindus have applauded supermodel-actress Helena Christensen (Allegro) for highlighting the sufferings of the villagers of southern Nepal due to climate change.

Helena Christensen still 'dreams of becoming an archaeologist'
Despite making her impressive acting debut in the short film 'Away We Stay', Helena Christensen says she still dreams of becoming an archaeologist.

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