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Haley Bracken

About Haley Bracken

Haley Bracken is a WAG and the wife of Australian fast bowler Nathan Bracken. In February 2010, she reported loved her see-through mesh bodice, atop a mermaid-style train.

Haley Bracken in News

Ex-WAG rivals Bingle and Bracken involved in backstage scuffle
The 'behind the scene' scuffle between contestants Lara Bingle and Haley Bracken may threaten to derail the current season of 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Now, ex-WAG rivals Lara Bingle and Haley Bracken turn dancing rivals!
The journey of Lara Bingle and Haley Bracken from ex-WAG rivalry to the rivalry of dancing got worse when the latter held Bingle responsible for losing a dance challenge on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

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