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Agyness Deyns

About Agyness Deyns

Agyness Deyns is a super model.

Professional Biography

In May 08, Agyness Deyns jumped from a New York building's second floor fire escape nude during a daring new photoshoot. She took over rival Kate Moss for the fashion label Burberry.

Agyness Deyns in News

Giovanni Ribisi ties knot with model Agyness Deyn
Model Agyness Deyn and movie star Giovanni Ribisi have reportedly eloped after a whirlwind romance.

Agyness Deyn prefers 'character' over looks in men
Agyness Deyn says that she seeks men with character and doesn't care if a guy is not "very good looking".

Agyness Deyn admits lying about her age
Supermodel Agyness Deyn has confessed that she is six years older than what she had claimed.

Agyness Deyn to play stripper in Danish movie 'Pusher'
Supermodel Agyness Deyn is set to play a 'strong minded stripper' in the Danish film Pusher.

Agyness Deyn quit modelling to find herself
Agyness Deyn has revealed that she stopped modelling to find herself because it was starting to control her life.

Agyness Deyn's heading off to 'find herself' in India!
British model Agyness Deyn is apparently planning a trip to India in a bid to 'find herself'.

Is James Franco dating Agyness Deyn?
James Franco has sparked rumours that he's dating British supermodel Agyness Deyn.

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