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Everyone Needs a Brain -- Even Google Glass
Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. ("Infinity Augmented Reality" or "Infinity AR") (OTCQB: ALSO), the first augmented reality software platform to connect universally with digital eyewear, smartphones and tablets, recently launched a YouTube video explaining its platform to much acclaim -- in fact, over 1.4 million viewers in the first week of posting

Israeli PM to announce early general elections
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to announce the decision to bring forward the general elections at a Likud party convention in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Israel to discuss "service for all" bill before parliament dissolves
The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation will discuss alternatives to the so-called Tal Law that allows ultra-Orthodox Jews to defer their military service on Sunday, Israel Radio reported, only three days before the Knesset parliament dissolves for the general elections.

Majority of Israelis support U.S.-led attack on Iran: poll
A recent poll carried out by an Israeli newspaper revealed that most Israelis are supportive of a strike on Iran if it is led by the United States.

Iran may have failed to declare some nuke facilities to UN: IAEA chief
International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano has said that Iran has not been forthcoming about its nuclear program and may have failed to declare some facilities to the UN.

Israel successfully test fires Arrow missile defense system
Israel's ability to defend itself in a future war has once again been demonstrated by it successfully testing the Arrow missile defense sytem.

Israel Defence Minister accuses Iran, Hezbollah of 'targeting Israelis worldwide'
Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has accused Iran and Hezbollah of carrying out recent terror attacks against Israeli interests in New Delhi and Georgia, and also blamed Tehran of targeting Israelis all over the world.

Iran 'renamed cargo ships to dodge West sanctions' on nuke equipment transfer
Iran has renamed over a dozen cargo ships in its container line in the past year to circumvent Western sanctions on arms transfers and on the supply of nuclear-related equipment, it has emerged.

Iran produces new cruise missile that can 'sink giant warships'
Iran has started the large-scale production of a domestically developed cruise missile designed for sea-based targets and capable of destroying warships.

Obama's popularity in Israel surges following UN speech on Palestinian statehood
US President Barack Obama's popularity has increased sharply in Israel after he spoke against a Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations last week, according to a survey.

A fifth of all congressmen taking paid-for holidays to Israel this summer
A fifth of members of the House of Representatives will be taking their summer holidays in Israel this year with almost all the trips being paid for by one of America's most powerful lobby groups.

Netanyahu says he will take on Obama on Palestine state creation issue
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that US President Barack Obama's endorsement for the creation of a Palestine state at the expense of Israel, is an attempt to sweep history under the carpet.

Ex-Israel president sent to jail for seven years for rape
Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav has been sent to jail for seven years and two years probation for rape and sexual harassment.

Hezbollah might attack Israeli target to help Iran: Israel
The Northern Command of the Israel Defence Force (IDF) believes Iran may initiate an attack against Tel Aviv if it feels under pressure due to anti-government protests.

World's first skyscraper 'Jericho tower' built to intimidate masses
Israeli archaeologists have said that the Jericho tower, which was constructed 11,000-years-ago, was built to promote farming and to entice people to abandon their nomadic ways and to settle down.

Al-Jazeera exposed 'Palestine Papers' has made Israel-Palestine peace pact harder: US
The US State Department acknowledged Monday that the "Palestine Papers," released by Al-Jazeera, has complicated American efforts to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Israel's Press Office apologizes for journalists 'Bra-Gate' howler
The director of Israel's Government Press Office has apologized for the intensive security screening several journalists had to endure before meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

'Judaism' most popular religion in the US
A new study has revealed that the most popular faith in the US is Judaism.

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