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NaMo Gujarat

NaMo Gujarat is a television channel in Gujarat. It is launched in October 2012 under the supervision of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

NaMo Gujarat carries the initials of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.


The television channel was launched a day after the announcement of the assembly election schedule. The channel had to be shut down on 5 October, pending clearances. On 12 October 2012, the Election Commission has cleared the launch of the channel under some conditions for monitoring political advertisements and possible paid news on the channel during the election period.

The Gujarat BJP unit has partnered with five local Gujarati satellite channels which would broadcast the same content to television viewers.The 'NaMo Gujarat' channel has been launched under the supervision of Saurabh Patel, an aide of Narendra Modi and Parindu Bhagat.

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