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Katy Perry's the real deal, says new beau Rob Ackroyd
It seems that things are getting serious between Katy Perry and 'Florence and the Machine' guitarist Rob Ackroyd.

RiRi's brother says she and Chris Brown 'were like soul mates'
Rihanna's younger brother has opened up about her relationship with Chris Brown and also revealed that the singer had indeed dated rapper Drake.

Rihanna needs someone laidback and fun-loving, says her bro Rorrey
Rihanna's younger brother, Rorrey Fenty, thinks that his famous single sister needs a "laidback and fun-loving" man in her life.

Peter Andre 'hasn't stopped crying since bro's kidney cancer diagnosis'
Peter Andre, who has been keeping a vigil by his brother's side even since he was diagnosed with kidney cancer earlier this year, has revealed that he hasn't stopped crying since he found out his sibling had the disease.

Adele's 'mystery ex boyfriend' who inspired her album '21' revealed
A celebrity magazine claims to have found the identity of Adele's mystery ex-boyfriend who has been the subject of her famous heartbreaking songs.

Rihanna says she has "no b**bs or bum" after new diet
Rihanna has bemoaned the loss of her curvy figure, and said that even though she stopped dieting some time ago she is still losing weight somehow.

Demi Moore 'still completely infatuated with' ex hubby Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore, who returned home from rehab earlier this month, is reportedly struggling after her discharge from the centre, and is attempting to win her ex Ashton Kutcher back.

Rihanna tweets topless pic after dad slams her for looking 'little fat'
Rihanna has posted a topless photo on Twitter, to show off her impressive physique and her natural hair colour, after her father Ronald Fenty, spoke about her having put on weight.

MC Harvey confirms he was never in 'loving relationship' with Cheryl Cole
Former So Solid Crew performer MC Harvey has denied having a romance with Cheryl Cole.

'I was drunk during Harry Potter filming', says Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe has confessed to being drunk while shooting for 'Harry Potter' scenes as his drinking went out of control.

Katie Price 'saddened' by Peter's 'spiteful' claims
Katie Price has blasted Peter Andre for claiming that she begged him for a reconciliation and he refused to get back together with her.

Daniel Radcliffe says girlfriend Rosie Coker is 'far too good' for him
Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that his production assistant girlfriend, Rosie Coker, is "far too good" for him, as she is "incredibly tolerant" of his busy personality.

Peter Andre says Katie Price pleaded for reconciliation
Peter Andre has claimed that his ex-wife Katie Price begged him to get back together with her but he refused.

Jodie Marsh enjoys sending 'dirty texts' to Frankie Cocozza
Jodie Marsh has revealed that even though she and Frankie Cocozza share racy text messages with each other, she doesn't think that the 19-year-old singer will be able to handle her in the bedroom.

Brit diver Tom Daley has hots for Cheryl Cole
Olympic diver Tom Daley has revealed that he wants to go up and away in a hot air balloon with Cheryl Cole.

Tamara Ecclestone not attending dad Bernie's wedding
Tamara Ecclestone has said that she has no intention of attending her billionaire father Bernie Ecclestone's marriage to his girlfriend Fabiana Flosi.

Danielle Lloyd thinks 'little br**ts are perfect'
Danielle Lloyd, who has had her implants removed recently, has said that although putting a bikini for the first time after surgery was really "upsetting" she doesn't want big br**ts again.

Christine Bleakley, Phillip Schofield strike pose for Ghost-themed photoshoot
The 'Dancing On Ice' hosts, Christine Bleakley and Phillip Schofield acted out a tear-jerking scene from a 90s blockbuster featuring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, while posing for a ghost themed photoshoot.

Kim Kardashian hates falling asleep wearing make-up
Kim Kardashian "hates" herself when she falls asleep with her make-up on as it dampens her efforts to always take care of her skin.

Frankie Sandford wears earplugs because of 'snoring' Wayne Bridge
Frankie Sandford has revealed that she has no choice but to wear earplugs in bed with her boyfriend Wayne Bridge.

Kim Kardashian's mum demands apology from Daniel Craig
Kim Kardashian's mother Kris Jenner has demanded a public apology from Daniel Craig after he criticised the famous family in a recent interview.

Katie Price publicly apologies to Peter Andre over cheating claims
Katie Price made a public apology to her estranged husband Peter Andre over cheating claims and also paid an undisclosed amount to him as libel damages, thus settling the slander lawsuit.

Justin Bieber desperate for duet with Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole's manager has revealed that Justin Bieber is desperate to duet with the Girls Aloud singer.

Geri Halliwell's ex-manager went insane living with 'pooey' star
Former Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell's former manager Jenny Frankfurt has revealed her famous client's messy living conditions including letting her dog poop in the house.

I cane my body like it's leather, says 'sunbed obsessed' Katie Price
Katie Price has revealed that she is obsessed with sunbeds and even has one in her house.

I'm not sexy at all, I'm sexual, says Katie Price
Katie Price has claimed that she does not consider herself to be 'sexy' but 'sexual'.

Emma Watson's ex 'didn't want to be boyfriend of some child actress'
Emma Watson's ex, Francis Boulle has revealed that he "didn't want to be the boyfriend of some child actress".

Katie Price fuming over stylist giving Tamara Ecclestone her signature look
Tamara Ecclestone seemed to have been given a makeover by Katie Price's stylist, which was reminiscent of the glamour model.

Cheryl Cole cosying up with rapper Taio Cruz after finally forgetting Ashley
Cheryl Cole is reportedly getting closer to rapper Taio Cruz after finally deciding not to give Ashley Cole a second chance.

Daniel Radcliffe named richest under 30 Brit
Daniel Radcliffe has been named the wealthiest British star under 30, after amassing almost 52 million pounds.

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