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Cosmopolitan magazine is a lifestyle magazine.

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Max Fashion Icon India 2015
Business Wire IndiaMax Fashion India, the leading international value fashion brand announces ‘Max Fashion Icon India 2015’ - Nationwide search for the most glamorous & fashionable stars. The contest promises to be the ultimate launch pad for India’s young, aspiring models to help them realize their dreams and be the country’s next fashion icon

Plus Models Katie Halchishick Willcox and Laura Wells Model Swim Sexy for swimsuitsforall Summer 2014 Launch
swimsuitsforall, a women's swimwear online retailer, is happy to announce that their popular Swim Sexy swimwear collection will return in Summer 2014, featuring plus-size models Katie Halchishick Willcox and Laura Wells modeling beautiful new plus size bikinis, one pieces and tankinis.

Brit gymnast Louis Smith bares all for cancer charity
Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has become a pin-up for the London 2012 Olympics, for the sake of charity.

Khloe Kardashian not pregnant despite father-in-law's claims
Khloe Kardashian is not pregnant despite reports to the contrary, according to a source close to the Kardashian clan.

I don't believe in one soul mate now, says Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's short lived marriage to Kris Humphries has left her skeptical about finding "the one".

Kim Kardashian says she wants to be more 'private' now
Kim Kardashian, whose private life has become more of a public affair, has expressed a desire to be more discreet about herself.

Kim Kardashian says she feels sexiest in high heels
Kim Kardashian has revealed that she feels at her sexiest when she's wearing high heels as they give her more confidence.

Demi Lovato wants to be married with kids in 10 years
Demi Lovato has revealed in a recent interview that she wants to wants a husband and a family in 10 years.

Demi Lovato 'still haunted by bulimia and self-harming demons'
Demi Lovato has revealed that she is fighting her demons of bulimia and self-harming as a daily battle.

Kim Kardashian says she'll always work hard to stay in shape
Kim Kardashian has said that she will always work hard to ensure that her body is in its best shape and would never let herself go.

Megan Fox feels 'destined' to be with hubby Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox says that her husband Brian Austin Green is her "soul mate" and they are meant to be together.

Hendricks encouraged parents' divorce
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she was unfazed by her parents' divorce and even encouraged them to split.

Vanessa Hudgens says her mum's her biggest inspiration
Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that she is becoming more like her mother as she gets older because she always tries to have a positive attitude.

Marriage changed Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks has confessed that marrying Geoffrey Arend has made her more nurturing.

Selena Gomez says she 'completely wasted' one year of her life on ex
Selena Gomez has revealed that she "completely wasted" a year of her life on one of her ex boyfriends.

Dakota Fanning hubby hunting in college
Actress Dakota Fanning has revealed that she is on the lookout for her future husband at college after learning it's the best place to meet your life-long mate.

Young Adele refused to try in reality singing shows
Adele has admitted that she always refused to try out for a reality singing show when young, as she feared that she'd make a fool of herself on live television.

Jessie J 'loves' being in a relationship
Jessie J has admitted that being single is a new experience for her as she "loves" being in relationships.

Nicki Minaj turned-off by men flaunting money
'Super Bass' hitmaker Nicki Minaj doesn't like men who boast about their money or try to impress her with their expensive purchases.

Nicki Minaj's abusive childhood left her with paranoia of unlocked doors
Rapper Nicki Minaj has revealed that she became paranoid of 'unlocked doors' after she witnessed her abusive father drag her mother from the seat of a car.

'X Factor' judge Kelly Rowland hopes to reunite with dad after 23 years
Kelly Rowland, who is currently judging X Factor has admitted that she has forgiven her estranged father Christopher Lovett and hopes to be reunited with him.

Olivia Wilde dumps vegan diet for comfort food after divorce
Tron: Legacy star Olivia Wilde has given up on her vegan diet after getting divorced from husband Tao Ruspoli, as she needed comfort food to help heal the heartache.

I like milking a cow, says Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she is on the peak of happiness when she is outdoors with nature.

Miranda Kerr hits back at mag reports for 'misrepresenting' her coconut oil use
Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has lashed out at magazine reports for misquoting and misrepresenting her use of coconut oil.

Abbey clancy looks sixties 'rock chick' in new mag shoot
Abbey Clancy, model and wife of England footballer Peter Crouch, has gone back in time to sport a swinging sixties look for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Miranda Kerr's habit of consuming coconut oil is harmful, warn experts
US experts have warned that consuming large amounts of coconut oil like Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr could be dangerous for health.

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