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Top Retailers Recognized and Honoured at Retail Asia Expo 2015 Gala Dinner
The three-day Retail Asia Expo 2015 was joined by more than 10,000 of its retailing professionals to showcase innovative solutions and new ideas on how to excel in this fast-moving marketplace

World’s Largest Oil Expo cippe to Open March 26-28 in Beijing
Business Wire IndiaChina International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe) will be held in March in Beijing

Asia’s Largest Offshore Oil and Gas Expo ciooe to Open in Beijing Next March

Key Retailers Take Top Honours in the Award Program at Retail Asia Expo 2014 Gala Dinner
Retail Asia Expo 2014 had a spectacular opening of the three-day Expo on 10 June, showcasing innovative retail solutions for industry professionals and offering them valuable networking opportunities

Media backs China's first sex comedy film after approval for distribution by censors
A film branded as China's first sex comedy has won a surprising approval for distribution from the country's official media.

Shanghai Metro's 'dress code sexual harassment' warning to women sparks outrage
A Shanghai Metro microblog post, which asked women to dress up 'properly' to avoid sexual harassment, has elicited strong reactions.

China orders closure of 42 websites over blackmailing
China has announced the closure of 42 websites for being involved in blackmailing.

Chinese Army 'vows to safeguard territory in China Sea'
The Chinese military has vowed to "fulfill their duty" to safeguard the South China Sea.

Beijing rejects Manila's claim over Huangyan Island as 'groundless'
China has criticized Philippines expanded claim to the Huangyan Island in the South China Sea.

China rejects Philippines' request to take 'South China Sea dispute' to international court
China has reportedly rejected Philippines' request to take Manila's claim over an area of the South China Sea to an international court.

China objects to Japan's decision of buying islands in Chinese territory
China has raised objections to Tokyo's sudden announcement of plans to buy parts of the Diaoyu Islands, and claimed the island has China's 'undisputable sovereignty'.

North Korea says not obliged to follow agreement with US
North Korea has said that it would continue to launch satellites and is not obliged to follow the major agreement with the United States.

Chinese public counseled to avoid rumors
A renowned Chinese newspaper has advised the public not to indulge in spreading rumors, and has published ten online rumors that could cause harm.

Images of China's most wanted criminals printed on playing cards for easy hunting
Police in the Chinese city of Guangzhou have come up with a unique idea of hunting criminals by printing their images on playing cards and distributing them for free.

Fans angry after China censors 'Titanic' nude scene in 3D
The 3D version of the most 'Titanic', which broke box office records in China this week, has left some fans of Jack and Rose fuming because the one thing they wanted to see was the nude scene.

North Korea confirms rocket failure launch following mid-air explosion
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday confirmed the failed launch of the 'satellite' which it fired Friday morning and announced that the rocket did not enter the preset orbit.

China bans web celebrities from appearing on TV shows
China has reportedly banned web celebrities and people involved in scandals from appearing as guests on television shows.

North Korea says its planned rocket launch not an 'act of aggression'
China has renewed its call for moderation after North Korea had earlier made it clear that its planned rocket launch is not an act of aggression.

Chinese language school slammed for attracting students with 'sexy' teachers
An online language 'school', which has deployed bikini-clad glamour models to help foreigners learn Mandarin, is facing criticism from feminists in China.

China more popular than US, new poll reveals
China has jumped up places to become more popular than the United States this year, a recently released poll has revealed.

Signs at China's Yao Mountain forbidding cable car sex courts controversy
A board warning young lovers to abstain from sex, posted at the boarding port of a ropeway to the cable cars in Central China's Henan province, has sparked a mixed backlash and a wave of controversy.

Chinese expert calls Internet 'biggest killer' of copyright protection
The Internet has now become the greatest 'killer' of copyright protection, an official working with a firm formed to safeguard Chinese writers' copyrights online, has said.

China overtakes Japan to become world's second biggest movie market
China has overtaken Japan as the world's second-biggest cinema market in the first quarter of the year, industry experts have revealed.

China is second largest economy, not second strongest country: Foreign Ministry
China's Foreign Ministry official has claimed that the 'country is the second largest economy, but not the second strongest nation.'

China consumes double energy than world average
China's energy spending is 2.2 times more than the world average according to Zhang Ping, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Cancer-causing toxin found in Chinese milk
Excessive levels of a cancer-causing toxin have been discovered in milk produced by one of China's leading dairy companies.

70 percent Chinese feel pressured by rising prices: Survey
Nearly 70 percent of Chinese people believe that rising prices have adversely affected their living standards, a new survey has revealed.

Chinese teacher forces students to slap each other
Students as young as nine year old were made to slap each other for indiscipline by their teacher in a school in Suzhao which is part of Jiangsu province in East China.

Soccer corruption trials start in China
Long-awaited trials for Chinese soccer corruption started on Monday morning in the northeastern Chinese city of Tieling with Zhang Jianqiang, ex-director of the Chinese Football Association (CFA) referee committee, first appearing on court.

China asks US to play constructive role in Asia-Pacific region
China hopes the US can play a constructive role and respect China's core interests in the Asia-Pacific region, assistant Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said.

Worker, donkey embark on 2,200 kilometre journey to home from North-East China
A migrant worker has reportedly embarked on a 2,400 kilometre- walk to his home, along with his donkey, which he purchased from North- East China's Heilongjiang province.

China planning to build 'English only' town within five years
China is reportedly planning to build a tourist town in Miyun County, where people would be allowed to speak only in English.

Chinese teen wants maidservant to call him 'master'
A man in China advertised for a maidservant for a 17-year-old on his micro blog, and said that one of the requirements for the job was that the maid should call the young boy 'master'.

China witnessing slump in employee loyalty
An increasing number of employees are quitting their jobs in China, towards the year-end, due to dearth of promotion opportunities or unfavourable working environment.

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