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Mike Comrie

About Mike Comrie

Mike Comrie is a Canadian Ice Hockey player and husband of Actress/singer Hilary Duff.

Mike Comrie in News

Hilary Duff not obsessed about losing baby weight
Hilary Duff isn't worried about losing her baby weight, and has admitted that she had "a blast" piling on the pounds when she was expecting.

Baby made marriage stronger for Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff has revealed that having a baby with ex-NHL player Mike Comrie, has made their marriage even stronger.

Aaron Carter wishes luck to pregnant ex Hillary Duff
Aaron Carter has conveyed his well wishes to his former girlfriend Hillary Duff, as she readies to become a first time mother.

Hilary Duff speaks of her 'easy delivery'
Hilary Duff has revealed that surprisingly, giving birth was quite an easy process for her.

Hillary Duff says she can't stop smiling since becoming a mum
Hilary Duff has revealed that her newborn son Luca Cruz makes her smile all day.

Hilary Duff posts first pic of newborn son on Twitter
Hilary Duff has shared the first picture of her newborn son Luca with her fans on twitter and has said that she has finally started getting the hang of motherhood.

Hillary Duff says being new mum 'no joke'
Hillary Duff welcomed her son Luca to the world less than a week ago, but he seems to be already giving her sleepless nights.

Hilary Duff 'cautious' about baby boy Luca Cruz
Hilary Duff, who gave birth to son Luca Cruz Comrie earlier this week, has admitted that she is being "cautious" over her newborn baby.

New mum Hillary Duff gushes about 'wonderful, sweet and adorable baby'
Hillary Duff has shared her joy on the birth of her first baby and admitted that she is quite in awe of the newborn.

Hilary Duff welcomes baby boy
Hilary Duff and her husband Mike Comrie have been blessed with a baby boy.

Hollywood Star Hilary Duff Wowed by Animal-Themed Baby Gifts From KooKoo Bear Kids
KooKoo Bear Kids, an online, catalog, and retail store marketer of designer kids' rooms and exceptional gifts, announces that Hollywood star Hilary Duff received numerous gift items from KooKoo Bear Kids in a gift basket put together by Hollywood Baskets. Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie welcomed Baby Luca Cruz on March 20.

Hilary Duff rules out ice hockey as career for unborn kid
Hilary Duff has decided that her unborn kid would never make a career out of ice hockey, as she can not digest the idea of her son coming home with stitches.

Hilary Duff having an 'easy' pregnancy
Hilary Duff, who is expecting her first child with husband Mike Comrie has revealed that she is having an "easy" pregnancy.

Hilary Duff having 'ferocious' pregnancy cravings
Pregnant Hilary Duff is having "ferocious" pregnancy cravings for red hots hot dogs even though she never used to like them.

Pregnant Hilary Duff 'having weird dreams'
Actress Hilary Duff has revealed that she is having increasingly weird dreams as her pregnancy progresses.

Hilary Duff's LA mansion up for grab for $6.25m
Actress Hilary Duff has re-listed her first mansion for a staggering 6.25 million dollars.

'Happy' Hilary Duff pregnant with first child
Actress Hilary Duff has announced that she is expecting her first child with her hockey player husband Mike Comrie.

Pregnant Hilary Duff feels 'alien has taken over' her body
Hilary Duff has admitted that though she "feels good" being pregnant, she sometimes feels ''like an alien has taken over'' her body.

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