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Kawasaki disease

About Kawasaki disease

Hollywood star John Travolta's son Jett had been suffering from Kawasaki disease but docs say it is unlikely that this disease is the reason for his death.

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European Commission Adopts European Medicines Agency's (EMA) Recommendation to Lift the Suspension of the Marketing Authorization of octagam® and octagam®10%.
On 30 May 2011 The European Commission adopted the EMA's recommendation of 14 April 2011 revised on May 12, 2011 to lift the suspension of the marketing authorization of octagam® and octagam®10%, thus allowing both products back on the European markets.

Octapharma: European Medicines Agency (EMA) Recommends to Lift the Suspension of the Marketing Authorization of octagam® (human normal immunoglobulin for i.v. administration, 50 mg/ml, 5%) and octagam®10% (normal IgG for i.v.)
The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended today to lift the EU-wide suspension of the marketing authorizations of both octagam® and octagam®10% which has been in place since September 2010, subject to certain conditions.

Ancient urbanization 'spurred evolution of immune system'
It is due to previous exposure to infection in early cities that people are more disease resistant now, a new study has suggested.

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