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Caesarean section

Caesarean section is a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother's abdomen and uterus to deliver one or more babies, or, rarely, to remove a dead fetus. A late-term abortion using Caesarean section procedures is termed a hysterotomy abortion and is very rarely performed. The first modern Caesarean section was performed by German gynecologist Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer in 1881.

Caesarean section is also called C-section, Caesarian section, Cesarean section etc.

Studies show that the risk of post-natal depression increases substantially if a woman goes through a Caesarean section.

Caesarean section in News

Apollo Hospitals Leads the Way in High Risk Pregnancy
Business Wire IndiaIn yet another example of clinical excellence by Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Cradle, the premier birthing center, today showcased its expertise in handling high-risk pregnancies by helping a woman with not one but two rheumatological complications deliver a healthy baby boy. Mrs

11.69% Women in West Bengal Under the Impact of Gestational Diabetes Leading to Increased Caesarean Section Rate and Risk of Stillbirths
Business Wire IndiaThe second batches of 29 doctors in Kolkata today were conferred certifications for the ‘Certificate Course in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (CCGDM), an executive on-job training program that develops core competencies in doctors in the area of Gestational Diabetes management

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Performs Non-Surgical Stretch Mark Treatment During KCAL-9 TV Live Segment
Dr. Semira Bayati, a plastic surgeon in Orange County, was recently featured on Los Angeles' CBS affiliate KCAL-9 demonstrating a new technique to reduce signs of stretch marks and mild scarring. Performing the treatment on an actual patient in the studio, Dr

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Settle Birth Injury Lawsuit for $3,500,000.00
The New York medical malpractice lawyers at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald have been representing families who have suffered as a result of substandard medical care since the firm opened its doors in 1971

Trial Attorneys at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald in New York Settle Birth Injury Lawsuit for $1,475,000.00
The attorneys at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald in New York have been representing clients who were badly injured because of substandard medical care since the firm opened in 1971

Customized Mommy Makeover Options With Corona Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Christopher Chung, a board-certified plastic surgeon, understands that for many women, being a mother means putting the needs of others ahead of her own. He also believes that taking care of others should not prohibit mothers from taking care of themselves as well. At Renaissance Aesthetic Surgery, Dr

Bovie Medical Corporation Reports Results for Three and Six-Months Ended June 30, 2013
Bovie Medical Corporation (the "Company") (NYSE MKT: BVX), a manufacturer and marketer of electrosurgical products, today announced its financial results for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2013.

Attorneys at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Settle New York Birth Injury Lawsuit for $3,500,000.00
The law firm of Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald began operating in 1971, and since then the firm has earned more than $1 billion in judgments and settlements on behalf of clients who were injured while obtaining medical care

Hospitals Often at Fault for Causing Cerebral Palsy According to Joyce & Reyes Law Firm
Some causes of cerebral palsy can be traced back to infections or genetic issues present before a child is born. However, Florida courts are seeing an increase in cases alleging that hospitals are at fault.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Gives Advice for Mommy Makeover Patients
Dr. Thomas Lintner, an Atlanta plastic surgeon, has been helping mothers achieve their cosmetic enhancement goals for the past 20 years. At Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, his private practice, Dr. Lintner works to improve the physiological effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding to provide his patients with a rejuvenated appearance and natural-looking results

History Is Made With Live Birth of Twins Conceived With 40-Year-Old Cryopreserved Semen
One of the most significant historical events in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF) was just announced with the August 22nd live birth of twin girls whose mother was inseminated with cryopreserved sperm that was more than 40 years old. According to ReproTech, Ltd

Women with fear of childbirth endure longer labor
Women who have a fear of childbirth spend 47 minutes longer in labor than their peers who have no such fear, a new research has revealed.

Oz boy rushed to hospital after seizure during graphic Prometheus scenes
A gruesome surgery scene in sci-fi movie 'Prometheus' proved too much for one teenage boy in Australia, who suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital, on Sunday.

New mum Jessica Simpson ignores doctor's advice to abstain from sex
Jessica Simpson is ignoring her doctor's advice to abstain from sex, following the birth of her first child.

Jessica Simpson debuts baby Maxwell's first pic for $800k
The first picture of Jessica Simpson with her baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson has been unveiled, as the 31-year-old star introduced the month-old daughter to the world on the covers of WHO and People magazines with her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson 'excited' about $4m Weight Watchers deal
Jessica Simpson took to her Twitter account on Wednesday to reveal about how "excited" she was about her 4-million-dollar Weight Watchers deal.

Having our tiny baby whisked away into ICU was terrifying, says Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof has spoken out about the horrifying drama, she and her fiance, musician Thomas Cohen, experienced when their newborn baby was rushed into intensive care after suffering breathing difficulties.

Man charged for raping wife on wedding night
A woman in Britain has accused her husband of raping her during their wedding night, while she was drunk and declined to have sex.

C- section delivery may double childhood obesity risk
Babies, who are born by caesarean section, may be twice more likely to face the risk of obesity as compared to infants delivered vaginally, according to a new study.

Inducing labor can cut newborn death without increasing cesareans
In a new study, researchers have found that induction of labour beyond 37 weeks of pregnancy can reduce perinatal mortality (death before, during or shortly after birth) without increasing caesarean section rates.

Obese and underweight mums-to-be 'at risk of problems during pregnancy'
Obese women run the risk of problems during pregnancy, labour and complications for the baby's health, a new study has claimed.

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