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Brain Tumour

About Brain Tumour

  • In October 09, a Brit women whom doctors said would die due to the five tumors present in her head has managed to survive.
  • A new study revealed that initial chemotherapy alone is as effective as initial radiation therapy for patients who have undergone surgery for removal of very malignant brain tumour.
  • Radiotherapy can damage memories and attention spans of patients being treated for brain tumours, according to a new study.

Brain Tumour in News

Former South African Cricket Captain Clive Rice Wins a Second Innings in Life at HCG
Business Wire IndiaFormer South African cricket captain Clive Rice who was down at HCG for a treatment successfully returns home after a CyberKnife Robotic Surgery which proved effective for his brain tumour. The 65 year old former cricketer suffered a black out at his Johannesburg home before consulting a doctor who referred him for the surgery at HCG

Andhra Pradesh News on April 3, 2014
Andhra Pradesh News and Headlines on April 3, 2014

Apogenix's Apocept(TM) for Glioblastoma Multiforme Named One of "Top 10 Projects to Watch"
Apogenix /Apogenix's Apocept(TM) for Glioblastoma Multiforme Named One of "Top 10 Projects to Watch" . Processed and transmitted by Thomson Reuters ONE.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

A*STAR Scientists Discover Potential Drug for Deadly Brain Cancer
A*STAR scientists have identified a biomarker of the most lethal form of brain tumours in adults - glioblastoma multiforme(1). The scientists found that by targeting this biomarker and depleting it with a potential drug, they were able to prevent the progression and relapse of the brain tumour

Singh singlings murderer Max Sica gets 35 years non-parole sentence
Sica gets the extraordinary term for murdering Neelma, Kunal and Sidhi Singh

Brit-Indian Anni Dewani murder accused to plead not guilty
Two men accused of killing Brit-Indian bride Anni Dewani intend to plead not guilty when their trial starts in July in South Africa, according to a report.

Murdered Oz-Indian siblings' dad feared for daughter's safety after break-up with ex lover
The murdered Indian-origin siblings' father had told police before their deaths that he was worried for his daughter Neelma's safety after her relationship with accused killer Max Sica had hit the rocks, an Australian court has heard.

MJ's doc Conrad Murray fears dying in jail
Dr. Conrad Murray, who is serving time in Los Angeles County Jail for the involuntary manslaughter of his patient Michael Jackson, fears that he will die in jail and is asking to be moved to another prison.

Brit schoolgirl who can sleep for months at a stretch
A school girl from Britain suffers from Kleine Levin syndrome which means she can sleep for months at a time.

Sheryl Crow suffering from brain tumour
Sheryl Crow has revealed that she was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year - but has reassured fans that it is benign.

Kids' brain cancer risk increases threefold after just two CT scans
Children who have two or three head CT scans have triple the risk of developing brain cancer, a new study has revealed.

Novel way to treat drug-resistant brain tumour cells revealed
In a new study, scientists have explained why the incurable brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), is highly resistant to current chemotherapies.

Dental X-rays up brain tumour risk 5-fold
Dental patients who received frequent X-rays were up to five times more likely to be diagnosed with meningioma, the most common type of brain tumour, a major study has found.

Promising novel therapeutic target for cancer identified
After years of studying the molecular bases of glioblastoma - the most common brain tumour and one of the most aggressive of all cancers - scientists have identified a new therapeutic target for the fatal disease.

Pregnant women can undergo chemotherapy 'without harming baby'
Expecting mothers who suffer from cancer can finally breathe a sigh of relief as a recent study has found that chemotherapy treatment after the first trimester does not harm the unborn child.

Cell phones could be 'health time bombs'
Experts have warned that mobile phones may cause serious health hazards in the near future and claimed that they could be 'health time bombs'.

Compound in green tea effective in treating genetic disorder, two types of tumours
A study has found a compound in green tea that shows great promise for the development of drugs to treat two types of tumours and a deadly congenital disease.

How Cher's insistence saved choreographer friend's life
Choreographer Doriana Sanchez insists that pop star Cher saved her life.

Meet the Moroccan man with the world's largest feet!
A Moroccan man with a rare medical condition has set a new record with the biggest pair of feet in the world.

Tom Felton seeks fans' support for 5-yr-old's cancer fund
'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton is asking his fans to contribute generously to a fund set up for a five-year-old cancer patient.

Scientists claim viruses may cause up to 40pc of cancers
Viruses may be behind up to 40 per cent of cancers including brain tumours and leukaemia, according to scientists.

New surgery removes tumours from nose sans scalpel or scars
A revolutionary new form of surgery that allows brain tumours to be removed without making a single incision is set to transform the field of medicine.

New study finds potential therapy for tumour-associated epilepsy
Glioma, one of the most deadly and common types of brain tumour, is often associated with seizures, but the origins of these seizures and effective treatments for them have been elusive until now.

Murder suspects of Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani to face trial in Feb in South Africa
The trial of two men accused of murdering Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani on the orders of her Brit-Indian husband, Shrien Dewani, will reportedly start in the High Court in Cape Town in February.

Hitman accused of killing Anni Dewani 'will never stand trial' over brain tumour surgery
A South African man who was accused of firing the shot, killing Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani during her honeymoon last year, will never stand trial because of his brain tumour surgery.

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