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Pohang Steelers

About Pohang Steelers

Pohang Steelers, also called POSCO after its owner - the Pohang Iron and Steel Company, is a Korean Football club.

Select list of performances of the club

List of players in the club

  • H. Y. Shin
  • S. R. Jung
  • D. J. Song
  • H. M. Shin
  • C. W. Lee
  • B. S. Oh
  • S. Y. Kim
  • K. Kim
  • G. S. Kim
  • J. S. Hwang
  • K. Jip
  • J. S. Hwang
  • H. K. Jang
  • B. H. Noh
  • H. J. Choi
  • K. D. Nam
  • G. D. Kim
  • W. J. Park
  • T Kim
  • J. S. Kim
  • J. W. Hwang
  • G. D. Nam
  • D. Nascimen
  • S. Ristic

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