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Kourtney Kardashian getting wedding televised for 1m dollars
Kim Kardashian is set to appear in another big TV wedding, as her sister Kourtney has reportedly invited cameras to her upcoming nuptials for 1 million dollars.

Pamela Anderson among California tax scofflaws
Pamela Anderson has been named on a list of some of California's biggest income-tax delinquents.

David Arquette splits from girlfriend Christina McLarty
David Arquette has split from 'Entertainment Tonight' reporter Christina McLarty after nearly five months of dating.

Madonna strips to her bra on cover of new single
Madonna wears little more than lingerie on the cover of 'Girl Gone Wild', the second single off her forthcoming studio album MDNA.

Madonna could be sued by 'Girls Gone Wild' creator over Super Bowl song
Madonna has been sent a cease and desist letter by 'Girls Gone Wild' creator Joe Francis, threatening legal action if she sings her new song - with the same name as his company- at the Super Bowl.

Arquette broke into tears after telling ex wife Cox about new love
David Arquette has ruled out any reconciliation with former wife Courtney Cox after he declared that he was in love with new girlfriend Christina McLarty.

David Arquette dating Joe Francis' ex-wife?
Seems like David Arquette has moved on from his estranged wife Courteney Cox.

Blake Lively leaked nude photos herself, says p*rn producer
'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively and her publicist might be dismissing the nude photos allegedly leaked online as "100 percent fake," but a popular p*rn video producer believes the photos are real, and were leaked by herself.

Does Paris Hilton's nude bubble bath on 'Oxygen' shows her hypocrisy?
Paris Hilton's claims that she has changed with her new reality show 'The World According to Paris' appeared to be vague as the premiere episode on 'Oxygen' showed her stripping down n*ked to take a bubble bath within minutes of the opening credits.

'Girls Gone Wild' founder cleared of 'underage exploitation' charges by all-female jury
'Girls Gone Wild' founder Joe Francis has won a court case against four women in Florida, who claimed the filmmaker took advantage of them when he taped them flashing their br**ts and engaging in other X-rated behavior.

Joan Rivers takes n*ked pictures of her daughter while she's showering
Comedian Joan Rivers is said to have barged into her daughter Melissa's bathroom and taken pictures of her in the nude as she was showering.

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