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Danny Moder

About Danny Moder

Danny Moder is a film maker. He married American film actress Julia Roberts.

Danny Moder in News

Julia Roberts doesn't want kids to see her evil turn in new flick
Julia Roberts does not want her children to watch the movie 'Mirror Mirror' in which she plays the Evil Queen Clementianna.

Julia Roberts enjoys scaring her kids
Julia Roberts has admitted that she loves to scare her children but has had to "tone it down" as she liked it a bit too much.

Julia Roberts and kids prefer reading over movies
Julia Roberts and her children spend more time reading books rather than watching movies.

My kids don't watch my films, says Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts has revealed that her children are not allowed to watch any of her movies.

Julia Roberts says 'I'm a deeply optimistic person'
Julia Roberts credits her optimism for the sensational heights her career has achieved.

Julia Roberts says youngsters 'deserve fair trial-and-error period'
Julia Roberts has said that young celebrities should be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

Julia Roberts 'gets emotional over old pregnancy scenes in new flick'
Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts has revealed that she was "touched" by the scenes in her new movie that shows her pregnant with her now four-year-old son Henry.

Julia Roberts taking sewing, piano lessons to refresh her brain
'Pretty Woman' star Julia Roberts is taking sewing classes and piano lessons to stop her brain from turning "to mush" as she gets older.

I was born to love and marry Danny Moder: Julia Roberts
Actress Julia Roberts has a belief that she was destined to marry Danny Moder.

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