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Guy Ritchie

About Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is a film director and screenwriter.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Madonna

Guy Ritchie and pop singer Madonna are married in December 22, 2000 but they parted ways in October 2008. For more information on their relationship, read Guy Ritchie and Madonna.

Relationship with Kelly Reilly

Post divorse with Madonna, Ritchie is reported to be moving close with actress Kelly Reilly who stars in his Sherlock Homes movie.

Relationship with Michaela Kocianovahhas

Model Michaela Kocianovahhas is his new girl friend.

Other Relationships

Ritchie was linked with Jemima Khan. Hugh Grant, her boyfriend was upset when stories appeared linking her with Ritchie.

Other Personal Information

Professional Biography

As Film Director

It is reported that Ritchie often forgets the movies he has made.

Punchbowl Recordings

Punchbowl Recordings is the record company launched by Ritchie in January 2010. It is named after his London pub The Punch Bowl.

List of popular works

  • RocknRolla
  • Sherlock Homes (2008-09)

Pub Businesses

The Punch Bowl

The Punch Bowl is the London pub owned by Ritchie. In November 09, the pub got into news when neighbours in posh Mayfair, London, claimed the pub is making their lives hell and tried to get it closed. In December 09, the Westminster City Council has imposed various working conditions on the Punchbowl in Mayfair, the pub owned by Ritche.

New York pub plans

In December 09, he is reported to be planning to open a pub in New York.

Guy Ritchie in News

Madonna's son makes stage debut at Israel gig
Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie got several extended cameos on his mother's 'MDNA' tour in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sherlock Holmes named most portrayed literary character in TV and film
Sherlock Holmes, who has been portrayed by actors like Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Baker and many others, has broken the record for having more film and TV portrayals than any other literary character.

Brad Pitt in talks to play TV star Paddy Doherty in new movie
Brad Pitt is tipped to play Paddy Doherty in a movie based on the life of the bare-knuckle fighter.

Madonna trying to sell Beverly Hills mansion for $28m
Madonna has reportedly put up her French Country-style mansion, in Beverly Hills as a pocket listing with the asking price of 28 million dollars.

Madonna admits it's hard work raising four kids alone
Madonna has opened up about her life as a single mother, admitting that she has been struggling after her split from husband Guy Ritchie over three years ago.

Madonna hits out at ex hubby Guy Ritchie in new song
Madonna seems to be hinting at her former husband Guy Ritchie in the angst ridden lyrics of her song 'I Don't Give a . . .' in her new album 'MDNA'.

Madonna rethinking anti-marriage stance after toyboy proposes
Madonna is considering marriage again after her toyboy lover Brahim Zaibat proposed to her.

Madonna plans film on Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Madonna reportedly wants to make a film on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by enlisting the help of ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna breaks silence on Guy Ritchie split
Madonna has finally opened up about her failed marriage to Guy Ritchie, saying that the romance died, leaving her wondering if true love even existed.

Madonna wrote a film because she was lonely
Madonna has revealed that she was inspired to write 'W.E.' as she had been researching British history when she first moved to London and was lonely.

Madonna 'still waiting to be swept away by her knight in shining armour'
Madonna has revealed in an interview that she is still a romantic and hoped that one day she would be "swept away by a knight in shining armour".

Madonna's loneliness in England led to research for 'W.E.'
Madonna has said that after moving to England, she found herself friendless and started researching British history, and that is how she got inspired to make the movie 'W.E.'

Madonna says filmmakers ex hubbies helped her become director
Madonna, whose recent directorial debut W.E. received mixed response, has maintained that directing movies was a natural career progression after being married to two filmmakers.

Madonna felt like "outsider" during stay in London
Madonna has revealed that she initially felt "refreshed" when moved to London but eventually found living in the UK to be quite lonely.

Noomi Rapace couldn't pass on 'Sherlock' sequel
Noomi Rapace has revealed that she could not pass on the opportunity to star in 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'.

Guy Ritchie 'pushed' for 3-D 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel
Guy Ritchie has revealed that he wanted 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' to be shot in 3-D, but dropped the idea because it didn't feel "innovative" anymore.

Guy Ritchie likens Madonna marriage to "soap opera"
Guy Ritchie has branded his eight-year marriage to pop superstar Madonna a "soap opera".

Guy Ritchie doesn't regret marrying Madonna
Guy Ritchie insists that he has regrets about his marriage to Madonna, insisting that the experience was extremely positive.

'Sherlock Holmes' sequel to focus on Downey Jr.- Jude Law 'Bromance'
Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have guaranteed that 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' will delve deeper into the "bromance" between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Madonna will only date men her kids 'respect'
Madonna has revealed that she would only date men her children can "respect and admire".

Wood shells out 13k pounes for dinner date with Johansson
' Rolling Stones' star Ronnie Wood paid a whopping 13,000 pounds for a dinner date with Hollywood hottie Scarlett Johansson at a charity auction.

Madonna's fan held in secure psychiatric hospital after admitting burglary
A fan of Madonna's, who allegedly broke into her London home in March this year, has been remanded in a secure psychiatric hospital after admitting burglary.

Indian Comic Books Take off with ‘Graphic India’ A New Digital Comic Book Platform for Creators
Liquid Comics, which owns one of the world’s largest comic book libraries based on Indian characters by Indian creators, announced today the launch of Graphic India, a new digital platform to promote comic books in India and showcase young artists and writers in the country.

Actor Jones helps transform 'criminal gang' youth members' lives
English film Actor and former Welsh footballer Vinnie Jones is helping to transform kids, who were once a part of criminal gangs.

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