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September 2009 Jet Airways pilots strike

About September 2009 Jet Airways pilots strike

Operations of India-based International airliner Jet Airways got severly hit after large number of pilots did not report to work in protest against the sacking of two of their colleagues. Many flights are cancelled and about 13000 travellers are affected. It is later revealed that the airliner has infact sacked three pilots and called the strike illegal. The Airliner sought the intervention of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation into the crisis. The Government has expressed its concern at the inconvenience being caused to passengers by the cancellation of the flights. Air India stepped in to help stranded Jet Airways passengers. Jet Airways secured a restraint order from Bombay High Court against pilots strike. The Bombay HC has asked the Pliots union not to go on strike. The airliner cancelled for a second consecutive day on September 9, 2009.

The Jet Airways rebellion continued for the third consecutive day with over 233 flights being cancelled by the airline. The sacked Jet Airways pilots on Wednesday said that the Constitution of India empowered them with the right to strike if the management was indulging in unfair practices. The talks between pilots of the Jet Airways and its management failed to come to an end even on the fourth day.

The stalemate entered its fifth day on September 12 while passengers facing tough time continued with flights getting cancelled. Second round of talks between management and pilots failed as the two factions could not reach a final decision. Executive director Saroj Dutta and Chief Executive Officer Hafiz Ali on behalf of the Jet Airways management sat for the talks.

The stalemate ended after five days of stir with a settlement under which the four sacked pilots would be reinstated and a consultative group made up of the two sides formed to resolve all other issues. The airlines immediately decided to resume its services with a fresh mind soon after. An immediate step taken by the Airline management is to give a 50 per cent discount in economy class tickets across on all of its domestic flights. Other Indian airliners too began to offer 50 percent till September 18, 09. The decision was taken as a bid to cover up the nearly Rs 60 crore worth of business that was lost to competition during the 5-day strike.

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