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Barack Obama Inauguration

About Barack Obama Inauguration

Obama's inauguration program (taking oath and assuming office) was held January 20, 2009. Obama took the oath on Lincolns Bible. The inaugural parade tickets were all sold out in less than a minute of being opened on January 9, 2009.

The inauguration is termed to mark Neighbourhood Ball for classless US society as the Neighbourhood Ball will be attended not only by the elite but also by people from poor and black parts of Washington.

Presidential Inaugural Committee

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has opened a memorabilia store in downtown Washington, D.C. as a run-up. The Committee also warned of crush-Level crowds on Jan 20.


The task of security at the inauguration ceremony is considered one of the biggest challenge for security agencies in the US as they did a very good co-ordination and planning to ensure an incident-free function before the world.

Programs planned

A performance by a band who penned a hit song about the President-elects Irish roots will perform at inauguration.

Representative of Singer Jennifer Hudson confirmed she will not be singing at Obamas inauguration after rumours emerged that she will be singing The Star-Spangled Banner.

Star contributions

Music executive Nicole Avant, New York movers and shakers Barbara Lee Diamondstein-Spielvogel and hubby Carl fell into the 300,000 dollars group. Will Smith manager James Lassiter, director Ron Howard and Samuel L. Jackson fell into the 50,000-dollar category. The 25,000-dollar group consisted of director Reginald Hudlin, Lionel Richie's ex wife Brenda, and Terminator" producer Gale Hurd. Oprah Winfrey contributed 2,300 dollars for Obama's primary run, nothing for the presidential run and was late in her contribution for the inauguration eve.


Indian Union Home Minister P Chidambaram is likely to visit the US and India's representative.

Other information

Hindu groups from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia plan to stage a demonstration at Lafayette Park (in front of White House), in Washington D.C. under the banner of Coalition for Peace, during the inaugural ceremony.

A beer named after Obama, which Red Hook-based Six Point Craft Ales stopped selling after Election Day, has been tucked away by some barkeepers for Inauguration Day celebrations.

Actress Halle Berry's dress was caught in the elevator during presidential inauguration.

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