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2011 Burma Earthquake

An Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 occurred at Myanmar at 8:25 pm (13:35 UTC).

The earthquake is epicentered at 20.705N, 99.949E at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The earthquake zone is 89 km (55 miles) N of Chiang Rai, Thailand, 168 km (104 miles) SSW of Yunjinghong, Yunnan, China, 589 km (365 miles) NE of Rangoon, Myanmar and 772 km (479 miles) N of Bangkok, Thailand.

After about 30 minutes, 14:23:53 UTC, another earthquake of 4.8 magnitude on richer scale was reported at a depth of 10.2 kms.

The quake region has its border with Thailand, a major Asian industrial country and Laos. Thai television reported that few regions in the Northern Thai has reported damages. People in Bangkok despite being 770 kilometers from the epicentre have reported to have experienced the quake. At this strength and depth, least 60,000 people would have felt the quake.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has reported that the quake epicentre is too far to create any destructive wave.

Luckily there could be little causalities because the quake region is a sparsely populated hilly area - a region popularly known as the Golden Triangle for it being the traditional source of illicit opium.

The first one was very shallow one while the second was deeper.

People living in high raise buildings in the cities of Bangkok, Myanmar and even from Hanoi are evacuated for safety reasons.

Most of the constructions in the region are made out of wood and unreinforced brick masonry construction. Mae Sai with a population of 28,000 is the most densely populated region nearest to the quake, according to USGC report. A 55-year old women in her sleep is reported to have died in Mae Sai.

TPBS television reported that electricity was cut off in parts of Mae Sai.

The term 'Golden Triangle' has come because it is the meeting point of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Somchai Baimuang, Deputy director of Thai Meteorological Department, said that there is no need for panic.

Death Toll

The total death toll in Myanmar is at 75 and 110 people are injured. A Civil Administration official who is based in the Myanmar town of Tachilek is reported to have told a major media outlet that 50 people are confirmed dead in the after quake and 40 injured. 100 buildings in the region got destroyed.

Meanwhile, the USGS who has initially recorded the quake as magnitude 7.0 revised it down to 6.8. The Thailand Meteorological Department said on Friday that it has registered six large aftershocks following the initial quake. China National Radio said that China's southwestern province of Yunnan and the Xishuangbanna region that shares border with Myanmar has reported some shaking.

The historically significant Four pagodas town of Chiang Saen near the northern Thai border were damaged. The Chedi Luang where its three-metre (10-foot) long pinnacle was seen is having got crashed to the ground.

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