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2010 Chile Earthquake

About 2010 Chile Earthquake

A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake capable of tremendous damage struck southern Chile on Saturday, shaking buildings in the capital, the US Geological Survey on February 27, 2010.

Updates at 27 February 2010, 13:32:16 UTC

  • Chile earthquake cause Tsunami warnings
  • Earthquake magnitude reported to be at 9.5 - ABC News
  • EU ready to help Chile quake victims. European Commissioner for International Cooperation becomes first to respond offering aid
  • American Idol Elliott Yamin tweets about Chile earthquake
  • At least 76 dead in Chile earthquake
  • Earthquake also felt in North West Ohio
  • Earthquake centred 320-kilometres southwest of the capital of Santiago

Updates at Sunday, 28 February 2010, 03:02:45 UTC

  • 320,000 evacuated from eastern Japan following Tsunami alert
  • Chile earthquake toll rises to 300, two million overall affected - Chiles President Michelle Bachelet has revealed that the earthquake hitting her country on Saturday has so far claimed the lives of at least 300 people and affected over two million.
  • Tsunami flow-on from the Chile earthquake reach Australias east coast
    The tsunami-like conditions recorded in Australias east coast were triggered by the 8.8-magnitude earthquake which struck off the coast of Chile, toppling buildings, cutting power and pushing the death toll beyond 300.
  • 300 confirmed dead; 2.2 million effected
  • Rescue teams finding it difficult to reach Concepcion
  • Hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed
  • Japan is on alert because of the tsunami
  • 10,000 people told to evacuate Japan's Pacific coast
  • Russia evacuates Kamchatka peninsula
  • People in hotels sleeping in lobbies
  • Tsunami reaches Hawaii but no damage reported yet
  • After shocks scare people; People staying on streets
  • Some lines of subway system and energy in Santiago becomes operational
  • Schools closed till further notice
  • Electricity, Water and phones in capital hit

Updates at Sunday, 28 February 2010, 03:32:45 UTC

  • Tsunami warning for Hawaii canceled
  • President Obama says the US will prepare its rescue efforts for Chile
  • Hawaii 'dodged a bullet', says an expert
  • Salvation Army to send food, water, first aid kits
  • Tsunami Waves Reach Canada, expected in Alaska
  • Chilean quake is amongst top 10 strongest on record
  • Strongest aftershooks have a magnitude of 6.8 on Ritcher scale
  • 10 missing after water waves hits villages of Juan Fernandez
  • Santiago airport closed for 24 hours

Updates at Sunday, 28 February 2010, 14:44:35 UTC

  • Rescuers continues their search efforts to trace quake survivors
  • Chileans awake to more aftershocks, one day after the terrible earthquake
  • Hawaii, Japan escape without tsunami damage
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang says China ready to deliver quake-relief assistance to Chile

Updates at Monday, 1 March 2010, 11:08:31 UTC

  • New Zealand cancels tsunami alert. New Zealands National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) on Monday took a decision to cancel its tsunami alert from 9 a.m.
  • Aftershocks shake Chile as Troops seek to keep order
  • Chilean military takes control of earthquake-hit cities
  • Chaos erupts in quake-hit Chilean regions. Concepcion, the second largest Chilean city, local people embraced the law of jungle to search for food and satisfy other basic needs.
  • Researchers say Chilean earthquake hints at dangers of 'Big One' for USA
  • University of Wisconsin students in Chile are reported to be safe. 5 USC grad students and 2 undergrad students of USC also safe.

Updates at Monday, 1 March 2010, 11:08:31 UTC

  • Chilean Government says the quake death toll is at 723
  • Chilean soldiers detain a group of looters Monday in Talcahuano
  • Experts say Chilean economy is well placed to rebuild
  • Experts say Chilean earthquake 800 to 900 times more powerful than Haiti's

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