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2009 Barack Obama visit to Russia

About 2009 Barack Obama visit to Russia

US President Barack Obama made an official visit to Russia in July 2009. He interacted with the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Putin’s residence - the Novo Ogaryovo near Moscow. Obama called upon that leaders from both nations have to put the differences between the nations aside and work together on international issues such as terrorism and nuclear proliferation. President Obama addressed graduate students at the New Economic School in Moscow and said that the Cold War rivalry was gone. He said that both countries share a common ground on topics such as preventing spread of nuclear weapons. He said that the two countries should oppose North Korea from becoming a nuclear power and stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Obama signed on eight agreements with Russia after the meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. One of the treaty says that the two countries will reduce its warheads.

Obama will later take part in the G8 talks in Italy and later will visit Ghana.

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