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Education / Research Institutions - A

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Education

Asian University for Women

Auburn University

Aligarh Muslim University

Arizona State University

Education / Research Institutions - B

Brown University

Buckingham University

Bath University

Boston University

Brigham Young University

Education / Research Institutions - C

Cornell University

Cambridge University

Cardiff University

City College of New York

Colombia University

Curtin University

Concordia University

Education / Research Institutions - C

DSC 2006

Education / Research Institutions - G

Georgia State University

Georgetown University Medical Center

Education / Research Institutions - H

Harvard University

Education / Research Institutions - I

IIT Isnapur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Istanbul Technical University

Education / Research Institutions - J

Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Education / Research Institutions - L

Lincoln University

Liverpool University

Lancaster University

Education / Research Institutions - M

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Murray State University

Education / Research Institutions - N

New York University

Northwestern University

North Carolina State University

Education / Research Institutions - O

Oklahoma State University

Education / Research Institutions - P

Polytechnic of Turin

Princeton University

Pennsylvania State University

Education / Research Institutions - R

Rajshahi University

Rice University

Robert Morris University

Education / Research Institutions - S

Spelman College - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Stanford University School of Medicine

Saint Louis University

Sheffield University

Southern Connecticut State University

Scripps Research Institute

Education / Research Institutions - T

Temple University

Tel Aviv University

Texas State University

Tulane University

Thomas Jefferson University

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Education / Research Institutions - U

Utrecht University

University of Kansas

University of Cagliari in Sardinia

University of California-Los Angeles

University of Oregon

University of Vermont

University of Hertfordshire

University of Texas School of Public Health

University of London

University of Michigan

Universite de Montreal

University at Albany

University College London

University of Aberdeen

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Arkansas

University of Birmingham

University of Buffalo

University of Bristol

University of California at Berkeley

University of California at Irvine

University of California at San Diego

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Chicago

University of Cincinnati

University of Copenhagen

University of Dundee

University of East London

University of Florida

University of Granada

University of Hamburg

University of Helsinki

University of Illinois

University of Leicester

University of Maine

University of Manchester

University of Massachusetts

University of Michigan Health Systems

University of Michigan School of Public Health

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Medical School

University of Montreal

University of Missouri

University of New Brunswick

University of Newcastle

University of North Carolina

University of Nottingham

University of Oslo

University of Oxford

University of Pennsylvania

University of Queensland

University of Regina

University of Rochester

University of Salzburg

University of Southampton

University of Southern California

University of St Andrews

University of Sydney

University of Tampa

University of Teesside

University of the West of England

University of Toronto

University of Utah

University of Warwick

University of Western Australia

University of Western Sydney

University of Wurzburg

Education / Research Institutions - V

Victoria University

Education / Research Institutions - W

Wake Forest University

Washington State University

Weill Cornell Medical College

Welsh School of Pharmacy

Education / Research Institutions - Y

Yeshiva University



Education in News

American Sikhs say 'Muslim origin' Obama skipping Golden Temple visit out of fear
The American Sikh community has said that President Barack Obama is not visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar because he harbours fears of negative image fallout with him being partially Muslim by birth.

Sodas, other sugary beverages linked to diabetes risk
Regular consumption of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with a clear and consistently greater risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, reveals a new study.

Brain hyperactivity 'responsible for involuntary flashbacks'
Researchers from Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of Minnesota have revealed that increased circuit activity in the right side of the brain causes involuntary flashbacks in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sufferers.

Gene that predisposes some people to have liberal outlook found
A new study has raised the possibility that taking a liberal stand in politics might be the result of carrying a certain gene.

Portable breast scanner enables cancer detection 'in a second'
A new portable breast scanner could soon allow women to test themselves at home.

Severe sepsis 'may lead to cognitive, functional disability in older adults'
A new study has revealed that older adults who survive severe sepsis are more likely to develop substantial cognitive impairment and functional disability.

At-home tests not best to assess infertility: Study
A new study has suggested that method used to assess infertility in at-home tests might not be the best for identifying which women will have trouble getting pregnant.

Elasticity in joints help ostriches run fast: Study
A new study has found that Ostriches-the fastest bird on the land-use tendons to store and return twice as much elastic energy per step than humans.

FORE School of Management, New Delhi Announces PGDM Admission for 2011 Session
FORE School of Management (FSM), the Delhi based Premium Management School, has announced the applications for the admissions in Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) for the upcoming 2011-13 session. The last date for submitting the applications is November 15, 2010

First Indian women's' team returns from S. Arabia with a few surprises
Six eminent Indian women from different walks of life, who undertook a week-long visit of Saudi Arabia from October 8 to 14 with the objective of improving bilateral relations and establishing better people-to-people contacts between both countries, have revealed a few surprises on their return.

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