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Carlsbad, California, December 10, 2014 /Marketwired/ - Aurora Spine Corporation (TSXV: ASG) announced today that it will be participating at the 2014 DWG (Deutscher Wirbelsäulenkongress) Trade Show Conference from Thursday, December 11th to Saturday, December 13th in the "Congress Center Leipzig", Leipzig, Germany.

Paytronix Appoints Lee Barnes to Lead Data Insights Team
Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced the hiring of industry veteran Lee Barnes to head the Company's Data Insights team. Lee has already begun helping Paytronix's clients to uncover opportunities for revenue growth through the use of advanced analytics and data tools.

PIMCO Appoints Joshua Anderson to Lead European Structured Product Group in London; Firm Makes Additional Hires as It Continues Global Expansion of Alternatives Platform
PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, has appointed Joshua Anderson, a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, to lead the firm's European Structured Product Group in London. As part of this appointment, Mr

Purdue University, USA Honours Mr. Venu Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Motor Company
Mr. Venu Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Motor Company, conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Management degree by Purdue University, USA. The honour was conferred on him during spring commencement ceremonies at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus in recognition of his contributions in the field of management. Mr. Venu Srinivasan is an engineer with a master's degree in management from Purdue

International Conference in Chicago Examines Role of Research Universities in Addressing Urban Challenges

TiGenix : invited to present Cx611 Phase IIa data in plenary session of American College of Rheumatology and participating in other upcoming key conferences
Regulated informationSEPTEMBER 10, 2013

Gautam Banerjee to Join as Chairman of Blackstone Singapore
Blackstone (NYSE:BX) today announced that Gautam Banerjee has become the Chairman of Blackstone Singapore. Mr

Axceler Taps Perry Gale to Lead EMEA Expansion
Axceler, the leader in Microsoft SharePoint governance, administration and migration solutions, today announced that it has appointed Perry Gale as Managing Director, EMEA. Gale will be responsible for driving the company's aggressive growth strategy in the region, building on Axceler's position as an expert in governance solutions for collaboration in the social enterprise

Alien planet's 'evaporating' atmosphere caused by eruption on host star
Using data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, an international team of astronomers has made an unparalleled observation, detecting significant changes in the atmosphere of a planet located beyond our solar system.

Looks matter more than reputation when trusting people with money
Researchers say our decisions to trust people with our money are based more on how they look than how they behave.

'Modern' fathers myth busted
Researchers have shattered the 'Modern' fathers myth, insisting that they have been around for far longer than generally assumed, but they have only recently started changing nappies.

The older we get 'the happier we are'
Even though the physical quality of life goes down once an individual gets past middle age, the level of their mental satisfaction increases, a new study has claimed.

Bullies and victims 3 times likelier to have suicidal thoughts by age 11
Children involved in bullying - both as a victim and a bully, are three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts by the time they turn 11 years old, a new study has found.

More money may mean less 'especially for neurotics'
Getting more money may not make you happier especially if you are neurotic, a new study has suggested.

Smallest ever five-ringed structure created and imaged
A team of European scientists has created and imaged the smallest possible five-ringed structure - about 100,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Blood test 'may show women at post natal Depression risk'
In a new study, scientists have discovered a way of identifying which women are most at risk of postnatal depression (PND) by checking for specific genetic variants.

Sperm crawl and collide along walls of uterus in search of egg
Sperm navigate the female reproductive tract by 'crawling' along the channel walls and swimming around corners with frequent collisions, according to scientists.

How our time on Earth will end
Researchers have forecast the eventual fate that may await our own planet.

White dwarf stars caught in the act of swallowing up 'earth-like' exoplanets
Using Hubble Space Telescope, astrophysicists at the University of Warwick have located four white dwarfs surrounded by dust from shattered planetary bodies, which once bore striking similarities to the composition of the Earth.

Babies turn off risk 'switch' in women but not men
Women control certain risk-taking behaviours when a baby is present, but men don't, according to a new psychology study.

People forage for memories same way as birds hunt for berries
Humans move between 'patches' in their memory using the same strategy that the bees use for flitting between flowers for pollen or birds searching among bushes for berries, anew study has suggested.

'Rapunzel Number' can help predict shape of any ponytail
A British team of researchers has developed an equation that explains and predicts the shape of a ponytail.

Googling symptoms affects our perceptions of health risk
Many people get their health information online, and decide whether to see a doctor based on what they find.

Checking off symptoms online affects our perceptions of health risk
Many people get their health information online, and decide whether to see a doctor based on what they find.

Growing old or overweight `does not significantly impact happiness`
Growing older and being overweight are not necessarily associated with a decrease in mental well-being, a new study has claimed.

Female representation in local Indian politics brings surge in documented crimes against women
The increase in number of females entering local Indian politics has caused a significant rise in documented crimes against women in the country, a research has claimed.

Nixon phone transcript reveals US-UK special relationship collapse in 1973
A transcript of a phone call between former US president Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has now revealed the depth of the collapse of the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom in August 1973.

Wars steadily increase for over a century, fed by more borders and cheaper weapons: Study
The frequency of wars has steadily increased for more than a century fed by economic prosperity and a growing number of borders, researchers have claimed.

Middle children 'likelier to bully their brothers and sisters'
Children who are slapped or shouted at by their parents are more likely to bully their brothers or sisters, and middle children are more likely to be the bullies, according to new research.

'10 pc middle-aged Europeans are on antidepressants'
A new research of nearly 30,000 Europeans has indicated that 10 pc of middle-aged Europeans took antidepressants in 2010.

Why we are unlikely to get smarter
The concept of 'supermind' will probably remain a distant dream for us as we have more or less hit the limit on how smart we can get and any augmentation in brain power may cause problems, a new study has suggested.

'Fertility switch' that can stop pregnancy and cause miscarriage identified
A newly discovered enzyme that acts as a "fertility switch" has implications for the treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriage and could also lead to new contraceptives, scientists say.

Scientists resolve 40-year-old Mariner 5 solar wind problem
Scientists led by astrophysicists at the University of Warwick have resolved a 40-year-old problem with observations of turbulence in the solar wind first made by the probe Mariner Five.

Confidence boosts women's parking and map-reading skills!
Confidence is the underlying factor, which determines how well a woman can perform spatial tasks like parking and map-reading, a new study has suggested.

IntegenX Announces Early Access Partnership for Its RapidHIT(TM) 200 Human DNA Identification System
IntegenX Inc. (IXI) today announced an Early Access Program for its RapidHIT™ 200 Human Identification System. The Early Access program is designed to provide IXI's global partners with advance product access and training. Early Access partners will receive pre-production prototypes of the RapidHIT 200 instrument, disposable reagent cartridges and application priority in the US and abroad.

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