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International Experts on Special Needs Convene at 8th Cerebral Palsy Symposium
The 8th edition of Cerebral Palsy Symposium 2015 officially kicked off last week with Guest of Honour, Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), Mr Chan Heng Kee, gracing the opening of the event.

Metso and University of Queensland to develop next-generation energy-efficient minerals processing technologies in cooperation with the leading mining companies in Chile
Metso Corporation's press release on August 5, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. EET

Algae Biomass Summit Showcases Innovation in Algae Engineering
The Engineering and Analysis track of the 8th Annual Algae Biomass Summit, taking place in San Diego, California, September 29-October 2 will highlight a wide range of new technologies and scientific breakthroughs in algae production systems

Alchemia Announces Half-Year Results for Period Ended 31 December 2013
Alchemia Limited, (ASX: ACL) a drug discovery and development company, is pleased to announce its half year results for the six months ended 31 December 2013.

Brisbane Marketing Launched Brisbane Day
Australia's new world city, Brisbane, has declared today 'Brisbane Day' in Hong Kong to draw attention to the launch of its bold new campaign urging local business to consider Brisbane when looking to do business in Australia.

Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Uses CoolSculpting for His Own Trouble Spots
CoolSculpting® is a nonsurgical liposuction alternative that Dr. Craig Layt has recently introduced to the patients of his Gold Coast plastic surgery practice, The Layt Clinic. Dr. Layt, who had been following the development of the technology, was excited to learn the treatment received Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval

Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Announces New Office Location
Dr. Craig Layt and his Gold Coast plastic surgery practice recently announced they will be moving to a new location in an effort to continue pursuing the most effective, comfortable care for their patients. The Layt Clinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery will soon take up residence at 16 Harvest Court, Southport Qld

Mining Technology and Operations Summit: Tactical Insights into the Mining Industry
With commodities prices at record highs, the global hunger for natural resources from Australia and New Zealand has led to a strong growth in the mining industry, with the investment boom expected to grow for at least another year

Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Concludes His ASAPS Presidential Term
Dr. Craig Layt, Gold Coast plastic surgeon, recently completed his final act as President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). Dr. Layt led the welcome event at the ASAPS Symposium held in Darwin, Australia, July 2012. The symposium was attended by aesthetic plastic surgeons and associated nurses from around the world.

024 Pain Management System Celebrates New Arthritis Research
Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, are no stranger to pain. Although arthritis affects millions of Americans, especially those in older demographics, researchers have not yet found a cure for this elusive condition

Wharton | San Francisco MBA Students Embrace Indigenous Australia for Global Tourism Engagement Project

3D Breast Augmentation Imaging With Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon
The Layt Clinic is announcing the recent addition of a cutting-edge 3D imaging technology designed to improve decision making for cosmetic enhancement patients such as those undergoing breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation. Dr

Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Dispels Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths
At his Queensland and Ballina offices, plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Layt says he must continuously confront several long-standing myths. Regardless of whether patients are concerned about breastfeeding after a breast augmentation or considering liposuction as a form of weight loss, Dr

Flexera Software Announces That University of Queensland Has Selected FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises for Software License Optimization
Flexera Software, the leading provider of Application Usage Management solutions for application producers and enterprises, announced today that the University of Queensland has selected FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises as its Enterprise License Optimization solution of choice

On-off switch offers relief to Parkinson's and stroke patients
An on-and-off switch for the brain that can help stroke and Parkinson's disease sufferers with speech problems, is being pioneered by Australian neuroscientists.

Smartphone addictions killing conversation
We have become so obsessed with Smartphones that we appear to have lost the art of face-to-face conversation.

Pitch drop experiment's ninth drop could be world's most boring video
University of Queensland's pitch drop experiment, which measures the flow of pitch over several years, could be world's most boring live stream as it has not seen any action since the past 12 years and four months- exactly the same amount of time it took something to happen before that.

Underwater visuals of Great Barrier Reef to be seen online
A new scientific survey will capture and upload on the web thousands of scenes from the Great Barrier Reef near Australia, in unprecedented detail.

Southern Indian Ocean humpback whales sing different songs
Scientists have found that humpback whales on both sides of the southern Indian Ocean sing different tunes.

Genes responsible for 40 pc of lifetime intelligence
We inherit 40 percent of our lifetime intelligence while the environment we grow up in impacts the rest 60 percent, researchers say.

Eating some mangoes with skin can help fight flab
Researchers have come up with some good news for mango lovers, as they insist that eating them with the skin on could aid the battle of the bulge.

Built-in hierarchy 'could be better than equality within group'
Contrary to the popular belief that equality within a team or group is vital, a new research has suggested that a built-in hierarchy leads to fewer group conflicts and higher productivity.

Young women pushing evolution of English language
Young women are leading the world in the changing style of storytelling, a new study has claimed.

Short game behind injuries of Oz pacers: Hadlee
New Zealand cricketing great Richard Hadlee has said different bowling styles in the short form of the game could be behind injuries plaguing Australia's young fast bowlers.

Increasing US military won't raise terror threat to Australia: Expert
Increasing the presence of US military in Darwin is unlikely to make Australia more of a terrorist target than it already is, an expert has claimed.

Birds avoid crashing into objects by sensing speed while flying
An Australian study including an Indian-origin scientist has found that birds avoid crashing into things by sensing how quickly they pass objects along their flight path.

Spider venom could hold key to treating breast cancer
Venom from funnel-web spiders and tarantulas could be used to kill breast cancer cells, Australian researchers say.

Now, 'magic bullet' to detect very early cancers
Researchers at the University of Nottingham have devised a "magic bullet" to detect very early cancers.

African witch doctors' tea promises cure for many diseases including AIDS
A medicinal tea prepared by local African witch doctors and given to pregnant women when the time for birth arrives could lead to potential new drugs for many human diseases including AIDS, according to a new study.

Here's why male and female orgasms are poles apart
A new study has tried to shed light on the evolution of the female orgasm, which has remained a mystery among evolutionary biologists.

Each hour of TV viewing reduces life span by 22mins
A study has found that watching TV might be as bad for your health as smoking or obesity, as each hour of TV viewing after the age of 25 may cut your life span by almost 22 minutes.

'Facebook fatigue' forcing users to dump the social networking giant in droves
Privacy concerns, "fatigue", general boredom and the rapid rise of alternatives are to be blamed for a global exodus from Facebook, experts claim.

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