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Curb Energy Consumption
(Family Features) Water heaters are energy intensive appliances. In fact, they are the second largest energy user in the home, and as they age, they become less efficient, requiring even more energy.

PIMCO Creates Global Advisory Board of Five Leading Global Economic and Policy Experts
PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, has retained five world-renowned experts on economic and political issues to form a PIMCO Global Advisory Board. The Board members will contribute their insights to the firm on global economic, political, and strategic developments and their relevance for financial markets

House Advantage Names Brett Kline Chief Marketing Officer
House Advantage has named prominent relationship marketing executive Brett Kline as the company's Chief Marketing Officer.

MyWave's Intelligent Personal Assistant Launches in U.S. With Keynote Address at Opus Intelligent Assistants Conference
MyWave, the first technology company with an Intelligent Assistant where the consumer has control of their personal data, launches in the U.S. today with the keynote address at the Opus Intelligent Assistants Conference in New York City.

Horizon Pharma plc to Amend Preliminary Solicitation Statement to Include Proposed Nominees for Depomed's Board

Cray Global Growth Continues With Opening of New EMEA Headquarters in the United Kingdom
Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) today announced the establishment of its European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters at the Company's new office in Bristol, United Kingdom

SAS(R) Analytics U Spurs Record Software Use, Certifications, University Partnerships
DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - April 27, 2015) - SAS GLOBAL FORUM -- In just one year, thousands of professors and learners of all ages have seized the opportunity for free SAS® software and training through SAS Analytics U

Horizon Media Develops Mood-Based Planning & Buying Approach for Audio

35 Partners from Industry and Academia to Join European Research Initiative for the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia
Business Wire IndiaThe members of the EPAD initiative today announced the start of a novel collaboration between academic and private sectors to test innovative treatments for the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia.

JetBlue Launches Fly-Fi Hub With Endless Content for Customers
NEW YORK,NY--(Marketwired - November 24, 2014) - JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU), New York's Hometown Airline™, is partnering with content providers Coursera, FOX, HarperCollins Publishers, National Geographic, Rouxbe and Time Inc. to offer customers more free content than any other U.S carrier in the sky

Jose Otero Named as 4G Americas Director of Latin America and Caribbean
BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - October 06, 2014) - 4G Americas announced today that Jose Felipe Otero Muñoz, who is well known for his knowledge about the mobile technology industry throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, will be the association's new Director of Latin America and the Caribbean. In his role, Mr

Future of Online Higher Education to Be Discussed
More than 400 delegates will gather in London next week to examine how Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can help meet the world's need for improved access to higher education.

Addressing the Missing Middle - EFL’s Psychometric Credit Scores Help Financial Institutions Lend to Entrepreneurs
Within his vision for transforming the banking sector, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  Dr. K.C. Chakrabarty, has stated the importance of the MSME sector in fueling larger economic growth, “[MSMEs] play a pivotal role in generating employment, increasing cross-border trade and fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship

Medical Cannabis Financial Group, Inc. Announces Merger Transaction With Refill Energy, Inc.
Refill Energy, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: REFG), a Nevada Corporation (the "Company") announces the merger between Refill Energy, Inc. and Medical Cannabis Financial Group. Refill Energy, Inc. completed a reorganization with Medical Cannabis Financial Group, Inc., which is a software solutions company focused on solutions for the Medical Marijuana industry

MAXWELL RESOURCES INC: Engages Metals Geologist Consultant, Craig S. Bow
MAXWELL RESOURCES INC.: Engages Metals Geologist Consultant, Craig S. BowWill lead exploration of hard metals such as gold, within New Mexico's Raton BasinFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFebruary 6, 2013 - RATON, NEW MEXICO - Maxwell Resources, Inc.  ( has contracted with hard metals geologist consultant, Craig S

Entrepreneurs Worldwide Weigh in on Their Country's Entrepreneurial Communities and Policies
What do entrepreneurs in America have in common with entrepreneurs in Qatar? More than you might imagine, according to a recent survey sponsored by the organizers of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the world's largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

MDxHealth Announces Publication of Positive Data from a Blinded Multicenter Clinical Study Demonstrating the Utility of ConfirmMDxTM for Prostate Cancer to Address False-negative Biopsies
Results of the Study Published in the Journal of Urology

Nokia Music, SPIN, and SomeSuch & Co Celebrate the Premiere of "New American Noise" During Launch Event in Park City, Utah
Nokia Music, a free music streaming service from Nokia that offers free and unlimited access to playlists and songs on Nokia Lumia smartphones, recently teamed up with Sundance Channel and SomeSuch & Co to produce an exciting new documentary series entitled "New American Noise

CLOTS 3 Study Delivers Lifesaving Results Using Covidien’s Blood Clot Prevention Technology
Covidien (NYSE: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, today announced that an independent study conducted by the University of Edinburgh has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of Covidien’s Kendall SCD™ system with Vascular Refill Detection Technology on immobile stroke patients.

Mauna Kea Technologies Announces the Signature of a Strategic Partnership With University of Edinburgh for Novel Optical Biopsy Device for Pulmonary Applications
Mauna Kea Technologies (EURONEXT PARIS: MKEA), leader in the optical biopsy market and developer of Cellvizio®, the fastest way to see cancer, today announced that it has entered into a research agreement through a collaboration negotiated by Edinburgh BioQuarter and the University of Edinburgh to develop a novel molecular imaging device for use in conjunction with Cellvizio

Cornerstone Therapeutics Announces Alastair McEwan as Chief Financial Officer
Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: CRTX), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing products for the hospital and related specialty markets, announced today the appointment of Alastair McEwan as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) effective November 6, 2012.

Mauna Kea Technologies Announces Launch of Revolutionary Cellvizio(R) Dual Band Color Lab Imaging System
Mauna Kea Technologies (NYSE Euronext: MKEA), leader in the endomicroscopy market and developer of Cellvizio® imaging, the fastest way to see cancer, today announced the launch of the first dual color endomicroscopy imaging system, the Cellvizio® Dual Band

'Smart bomb' to directly target cancer and 'leave healthy ones alone'
Scientists have invented a "smart bomb" that boosts the potency of drugs against cancer.

Gene discovery may help explain how flu cause severe infections
A team of scientists have discovered a new gene in the influenza virus that helps the virus control the body's response to infection.

Authenticity of cervical cancer vaccine trial in India questioned
A new study has raised further questions about a controversial trial of HPV vaccines in India.

New gene associated with lean diabetics identified
Lean type 2 diabetes patients have a larger genetic disposition to the disease as compared to their obese counterparts, a new study has proved.

Benefits of biofuel use on environment overestimated
Calculations of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions from bioenergy production are neglecting crucial information that has led to the overestimation of the benefits of biofuels compared to fossil fuels, two scientists have claimed.

Aspirin's 'triple whammy' effect against cancer identified
Aspirin has "triple whammy" cancer-busting properties, according to two ground-breaking studies.

Meteorites give valuable insights into Mars' atmosphere
Scientists have found that meteorites, which continually bombard the surface of Mars, contain enough carbon compounds to generate methane when they are exposed to sunlight.

Mars missions 'may benefit from meteor that fell on Oz 40 yrs ago'
A discovery about the make-up of the atmosphere of Mars could help inform future missions searching for life on the planet.

How plants 'know' when to flower
In a new study, scientists have claimed that they have pinpointed the last crucial piece of the 80-year-old puzzle of how plants "know" when to flower.

Gene key to sperm development may lead to new male contraceptive
Men could soon get a new type of safe contraceptive, thanks to the discovery of a key gene essential for sperm development.

Chimps and orangutans have human-like personalities
Chimpanzees and orangutans have personalities "like people", a new study has claimed.

How parasites cause most lethal form of malaria
Researchers have uncovered new knowledge related to host-parasite interaction in severe malaria, concerning how malaria parasites are able to bind to cells in the brain and cause cerebral malaria - the most lethal form of the disease.

Achilles' heel for life-threatening malaria identified
A link between different strains of malaria parasites that cause severe disease has been identified, which could help develop vaccines or drugs against life-threatening cases of the infection.

Women 'never the right age' in organisational terms
A study by two leading management experts has revealed that women working in hedge funds always struggle to be taken seriously at work.

New genetic factor associated with lean diabetics identified
Lean type 2 diabetes patients have a larger genetic disposition to the disease as compared to their obese counterparts, a new study has proved.

Testosterone supplements may help obese men lose weight
Taking testosterone supplements may help older obese men in cutting their excess weight, researchers have suggested.

Low testosterone levels could trigger diabetes in men
Men with low levels of testosterone could be at increased risk of developing diabetes, a new study has suggested.

Pak-origin Scots 50pc more prone to heart diseases than Indian immigrants
People of Pakistani origin in Scotland are 50 percent more at risk of suffering from heart diseases and getting admitted to hospitals compared to those of Indian ethnicity, a new study including Indian origin researcher has revealed.

Curiosity helps boost students' academic performance
Curiosity plays a big part in students' academic performance, a new study has suggested.

Multiple malaria vaccine to fight different forms of disease developed
Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have created a new multiple malaria vaccine which they believe could be the first to tackle different forms of the disease and help those most vulnerable to infection.

Near-death experiences 'not paranormal, but brain function gone awry'
One in 100 Americans report actually having near-death experiences, ranging from out-of-body experiences, meeting dead people, and entering tunnels of light, a new research has found.

Nest-building not instinctive, but learned skill for birds
Birds are far from feather-brained, when it comes to building nests, a new research has shown.

How overconfidence is a winning survival strategy
A new study has suggested that harbouring a mistakenly inflated belief that we can easily meet challenges or win conflicts is actually good for us.

Death risk from underground CO2 gas exposure only 'one in 100 million'
The risk of death from poisoning as a result of exposure to CO2 leaks from underground rocks is about one in 100 million, a new study has shown.

It's official: 'Christmas hormones' drive even sane people slightly cuckoo
The season's hectic schedule and excesses of festive eating during Christmas can wreak havoc upon hormones, driving even the sanest person slightly cuckoo, a new study has found.

Gene explains why some people sleep more
Some people may be genetically inclined to need longer hours of sleep, a new study has found.

Repeated 'little' paracetamol overdoses could be fatal
Taking even slightly too much paracetamol over a period of several days can cause a dangerous overdose that is difficult to spot, but can put the person at danger of dying, a new study has warned.

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