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Manipal University Brings to you a Platform to Study Engineering Abroad

Journal of Communication Disorders Releases First Autism Study of the Son-Rise Program
This week, the Journal of Communication Disorders, revealed findings of the study, Promoting Child-Initiated Social-Communication in Children with Autism: Son-Rise Program Intervention Effects, through Elsevier, the world's leading medical and scientific publisher. The Son-Rise Program was developed for parents by the founders of Autism Treatment Center of America®.

EFMD Announce 2013 Excellence in Practice Award Winners
The EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EIP) recognise outstanding Learning & Development partnerships. The Winners and Highly Commended Cases have just been announced.

RoodMicrotec N.V. appoints Malkit Jhitta BSc as new Sales & Marketing Manager
Zwolle, 10 January 2013  RoodMicrotec N.V. has extended its Sales & Marketing organisation and appointed Mr Malkit Jhitta (1962) as Sales & Marketing Manager as of 1 January 2013. He will be based in the UK.

Manipal University Opens Admissions to International Engineering Twinning Program
Over 70 international universities to choose from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France -- 2 Years in Manipal University and 2 Years in an International University of the student’s choice -- Graduate with an engineering degree from a university of international repute -- 40%* lesser cost than a regular international engineering program

Sat-navs could affect motorists' driving ability
Satellite navigation systems on vehicles can not only sometimes send motorists the wrong way but also impair driving, a new study has suggested.

Southampton Varsity study takes novel approach to transform cities to low carbon pathways
Researchers at the University of Southampton are embarking on a low carbon engineering project that could transform the way cities are built, as well as the way we live in them. The work will provide pathways of new engineering and social solutions that test acceptability and coherence for low carbon living.

Watching 'Harry Potter' could make kids more creative
Researchers have called for schools to expose youngsters to books and films like the 'Harry Potter' series because they believe that showing children films with a 'magical' element can boost their imagination.

Very few women marrying their bosses now as compared to 1950s
In the 1950s more women aspired to marry their bosses to move up the social ladder as compared to modern day women who are "marrying down" rather than "marrying up", a new study has revealed.

Phone line service launched in UK to help victims of Islamophobia
A first help line service has been launched in Britain to provide assistance to victims of Islamophobia amid concerns that incidents of Muslim hate crimes are not being reported or categorised properly.

Murdered Indian student Anuj Bidve's parents speak about devastation at losing their son
The family of murdered Indian student Anuj Bidve, has revealed their devastation at losing him, and told how they emortgaged their home so that their son could study micro-electronics at Lancaster University.

UK police flying to India to meet murdered Indian student Anuj Bidve's family
British police officers are to fly to India to meet the family of 23-year-old murder victim Anuj Bidve who was shot in the head in Manchester.

2011 a good year for Imtech: EBITA +11%, revenue +14%, order book +12%; outlook for 2012: further increase EBITA
20112010GrowthRevenue (in millions)5,1144,48114% (organic: 5%)EBITA (in millions)288.4259.311% (organic: 5%)EBIT (in millions)259.4234.211%Net profit (in millions)150.4140.47%Earnings per share before amortisation2.052.003%Dividend per share0.700.658%Operational EBITA margin 6.1% 6

Anuj Bidve's body arrives in Mumbai
The body of Anuj Bidve, a student shot in the head last month in the UK, arrived in Mumbai city amidst high security and media coverage on Saturday.

Anuj Bidve's family to travel to UK soon to bring his body back
Bereaved family members of murdered India student Anuj Bidve on Tuesday said that they plan to depart soon for the United Kingdom to bring back his body at the earliest.

Murdered Indian student's family urges India and UK government to expedite the investigations
Murdered Indian student, Anuj Bidve's family on Saturday urged the Indian and United Kingdom government to expedite the investigation process.

UK police apologise for failing to contact Anuj's father before he learnt about death on Facebook
The British police has apologized after it emerged that the father of an Indian student shot dead in Manchester found about the news of his son's death through Facebook.

UK police offer 50,000 pounds reward to find Indian student Anuj Bidve's murderer
A 50,000 pounds reward has been offered by the British police to catch the killer of Indian student, Anuj Bidve.

Father of murdered Indian student in UK learnt about son's death through Facebook
The father of the Indian student who was shot dead in Manchester, United Kingdom on Boxing Day, has claimed to have found about the news of his son's death through Facebook.

Witnesses describe last moments of Indian student shot dead in UK 'for not answering question'
Witnesses, who watched Indian student Anuj Bidve dying after being gunned down by a stranger in UK, described how they desperately fought to keep him alive.

Three arrested over 'unprovoked' murder of Indian student in UK
Two youths and a man are being questioned in connection with the 'unprovoked' murder of 23-year-old Indian student in Brtitain.

Indian student shot dead in UK
A 23-year-old Indian student in Britain has been shot dead during a visit with friends to Manchester.

Staring at smartphones can make you depressed
Staring at 'addictive' smartphones for too long can contribute to stress, depression and insomnia, a new study has revealed.

False, illusory memories can still be salutary
False memories do not always bring harm, but are evolutionarily adaptive and remain useful for psychological well-being and problem-solving, a British researcher says.

Intersil Names Gerry Edwards Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations & Technology
Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL) today announced Gerry Edwards has been appointed the company's new Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations and Technology. He joins Intersil from National Semiconductor where he had served as Vice President of Worldwide Operations and Quality since 2009. Prior to this role, Edwards served as Vice President, United Kingdom Operations.

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