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John Hutton

About John Hutton

John Hutton is British Defence Secretary.

Professional Biography

As British Defence Secretary

In October 08, Hutton said Iraq war will be over by mid-2010 when all of UKs forces would be substantially withdrawn from Basra. A rapid drop in troop numbers is also expected during early 2009.

John Hutton in News

Labour MP admits calling Gordon Brown a f****** disaster as PM
Labour MP and noted Blairite John Hutton has admitted to once describing that Gordon Brown as a f****** disaster if he ever became British Prime Minister. ANI

Brit Defence Secretary thinks hes unpopular because of his moustache!
Brit Secretary of State for Defence Bob Ainsworth has blamed his moustache for making him unpopular. ANI

Resigned Blairite Ministers plotted to topple Brown
Cabinet ministers supposedly loyal to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, reportedly coordinated a plot to force incumbent Premier Gordon Brown to step down. ANI

Brit minister accuses Brown of using women ministers as female window dressings.
Caroline Flint, who resigned as Britains Europe Minister, has accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of using his women ministers as mere female window dressings. ANI

UK troops begin pullout from Iraq
British troops are leaving Iraq today and returning home after over six years. ANI

UK fully backs renewed military offensive in Pak: Minister
Britain has offered its full backing for a renewed military offensive inside Pakistan. ANI

Rooting out Pak based Al-Qaeda centers, key to success in Afghanistan: Britain
British Defense Minister John Hutton has said that the key to success in the War on terror in Afghanistan lies in rooting out the command and control centers of Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups operating from Pakistan. ANI

Pakistan wont compromise its national security: Zardari
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said that his country will not compromise on the issue of national security. ANI

Brit Defence Minister confirms Mumbai terrorists were Pakistanis
British Defence Secretary John Hutton has confirmed that the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks were Pakistanis, The Daily Times reports. ANI

British troops suffer four times as many fatalities as Americans in Afghanistan
Statistics indicate that British forces have suffered four times as many fatalities in Afghanistan in the past seven weeks as their American allies. ANI

British Defence Secretary likens war against Taliban, al Qaeda to Nazis
British Defence Secretary John Hutton has compared the Taliban and al-Qaeda to the Nazis, saying that the Western forces in Afghanistan are defending the countrys values as they did in the Second World War. ANI

Iraqi murderers of UK troops plead for sanctuary
Two Iraqis - Faisal Al-Saadoon, 56, and Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, who have been accused of murdering two captive British soldiers -- Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth and Sapper Luke Allsopp - have approached a High Court with a plea to provide them with sanctuary. ANI

Fresh calls to UK for more helicopters as death toll in Afghanistan, Iraq hits 300
The British Defence Ministry is reportedly facing fresh calls to provide more helicopters in Afghanistan as it investigates how two marine commandos died last week while patrolling in one of the British Armys best known road vehicles. ANI

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