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Bob Ainsworth

About Bob Ainsworth

Bob Ainsworth is the British Secretary of State for Defence.

Professional Biography

As British Secretary of State for Defence

In July 09, he blamed his moustache for making him unpopular. He is the first Cabinet minister to sport a moustache for several decades.

Bob Ainsworth in News

War on drugs can't be won without tougher laws: Experts
International experts have warned that the war on drugs cannot be won and, have called for legalisation to end the criminalisation of substance abusers and "undermine the power of organised crime" through the illicit trade.

By going public with criticism, ex- UK army chief lost Brown Government's trust
Former British Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt did not always have a good relationship" with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown because he had a habit of embarrassing the government and the army hierarchy with his public disclosures.

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