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Pope Benedict XVI - 2012 Christmas Message

In his Christmas message in 2012, Pope Benedict XVI said that people should never lose hope for peace, even in places like Syria and in Nigeria which are going through conflicts. His Christmas message in 2012 is his eighth Christmas season of his pontificate. He read out his "Urbiet Orbi" (to the city and the world) to tens of thousands of people in St. Peter's Square. The message was watched millions around the world.

"This good earth exists, and today too, in 2012, from this earth truth has sprung up! Consequently, there is hope in the world, a hope in which we can trust, even at the most difficult times and in the most difficult situations.

Yes, may peace spring up for the people of Syria, deeply wounded and divided by a conflict which does not spare even the defenceless innocent victims.

Once again I appear for an end to the bloodshed, easier access for the relief of refugees and the displaced, and a dialogue in the pursuit of a political solution to the conflict.

May the birth of Christ favour the return of peace in Mali and that of concord in Nigeria, where savage acts of terrorism continue to reap victims, particularly among Christians."

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