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Harold Camping

Harold Camping is a Christian radio broadcaster and the President of Family Radio, a Christian-based radio station in the US.

Harold Camping in News

Bible Believing Groups Proclaim End of World Date October 7, 2015
The conservative Christian amalgam of believers, not affiliated with any church or denomination, in large part are represented by three main organizations, eBible fellowship (, Bible Ministries International (BMI) (, and Friday Night Study (

'Judgement Day' preacher admits his predictions were wrong
A Northern California preacher, who spent millions last year to publicize his message of impending global destruction, has acknowledged his apocalyptic prophecy was wrong.

FAIL Blog Community Names United States Congress the Kings and Queens of FAIL for 2011
In the year of Weiner showing his wiener, a high-profile super committee failure, the debt ceiling crisis, an insider trading brouhaha and pizza being declared a vegetable, could there be a more colossal embarrassing moment for the United States Congress this year? According to the FAIL Blog ( community, that answer is yes with the entire U.S

Doomsday preacher hospitalised after suffering stroke
The doomsday radio preacher, who received global publicity by predicting that the world would end on May 21, has been hospitalised in California after suffering a stroke.

Harold Camping's new doomsday date: October 21
US preacher Harold Camping, who gained international fame with his prediction that the Rapture would come at 6 p.m. on May 21, apparently still stands by his theory and has unfolded a new doomsday date - October 21.

The day after Rupture, world asks: Where is Harold Camping?
With Harold Camping's Doomsday prediction found untrue, followers and non-believers alike have turned their attention to the religious leader who started the movement.

'Unfazed' New Yorkers organizing Rapture parties on 'doomsday' Saturday
While some New Yorkers are fearing their weekend plans might be severely affected by the end-of-the-world prediction made by self-styled prophet Harold Camping, most others are laughing it off and are busy organizing Rapture parties.

Don't bet on May 21 as the end of the world, says Baylor Prof
An associate professor of religion at Baylor University has said that claims that the coming May 21 will be the end of the world should not be believed.

US preacher says world will end around 6pm on May 21, 2011
A preacher from Oakland, California, has warned that the end of the world is nigh - 21st May 2011, to be precise.

Doomsday campers predict Earth will witness apocalypse on May 21
A group of 10 Christians from Oakland who call themselves Family Radio are travelling around the country preaching that the apocalypse is slated to happen on May 21 this year.

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