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Suri Cruise

About Suri Cruise

Born in April 2006, Suri Cruise is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Suri is found to be extremely excited whenever she sees other kids of her age.

In April 2009, Suri celebrated her third birthday at a princess-themed party.

In June 2012, Tom Cruise revealed that Suri burst into tears the first time she saw Russel Brand. He said that Suri Cruise was scared of the long legs of Brand.


She got a handcrafted a pair of bespoke shoes designed by Christian Louboutin making her the youngest client of Louboutin's.

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Suri Cruise in News

Katie Holmes returns to Broadway
Katie Holmes plays the role of a woman in her 30s in Broadway play Dead Accounts

Tom Cruise shares on-screen kiss on sets of Oblivion
Tom Cruise shares on-screen kiss with french actress Olga Kurylenko on sets of Oblivion, his first after divorce from Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes registers with Church of St. Francis Xavier
Katie Holmes cut her ties with Scientology as she registers at Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York

Tom Cruise and Katie Homes reach settlement in Divorce case
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reach settlement in Divorce case. Suri will live primarily with Katie Holmes and Tom is given generous visitation rights

Katie Holmes denies filing emergent application in divorce battle with Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes denies filing emergent application in divorce battle with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes sacks publicist who introduced her to Tom
Katie Holmes has sacked her old publicist and appointed a new one, just days after she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes says marriage to Tom Cruise 'ended in 2011'
Katie Holmes, who filed for divorce from her husband of 5 years, Tom Cruise, claims that her marriage was "irretrievably" broken six months ago and that they've lived in New York for at least the past two years, according to divorce documents.

Katie Holmes set for career boost after Tom Cruise split
Katie Holmes' friends believe that the actress' career will be relaunched following her multi-million divorce from Scientologist husband Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise's marriages ended when wives reached 33
Tom Cruise seems to be unlucky with the number 33, as all his previous wives were in their early thirties when their marriage with the actor ended.

Katie Holmes' parents 'sad and happy' about daughter's divorce
Katie Holmes' parents have mixed emotions about the end of their daughter's five-year marriage to Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes' move for sole custody of Suri 'very aggressive'
Katie Holmes' decision to fight for sole custody of daughter Suri after filing for divorce from Tom Cruise has unexpected implications, a divorce attorney has claimed.

Katie Holmes 'expected to seek more' from Tom Cruise's $275m fortune
Katie Holmes, who is filing for divorce from husband Tom Cruise after 5 years of marriage, is entitled to get 15 million dollars as well as the couple's 35-million-dollar Beverly Hills Mansion, according to the prenuptial agreement.

Katie Holmes filed for divorce 'after getting sick of controlling Tom Cruise'
Katie Holmes, who filed from divorce from her husband of 5 years Tom Cruise, was reportedly scared that she was turning 'into a robot' because of his controlling ways.

Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise after 5 yrs of marriage
Katie Holmes has decided to end her five-year marriage to Tom Cruise in a surprise split reportedly centered on Scientology.

Katie Holmes seeks sole custody of Suri Cruise in divorce battle
Katie Holmes, who has filed for divorce from hubby Tom Cruise after 5 years of marriage, has asked for sole legal custody of their six-year-old daughter Suri.

Tom Cruise 'deeply saddened' after Katie Holmes files for divorce
Katie Holmes has filed for divorce in New York citing "irreconcilable differences", announcing the split via a statement to People magazine.

Tom Cruise 'still mesmerised' by Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise has dispelled persistent rumours that his marriage to Katie Holmes is crumbling behind closed doors, insisting that he is incredibly happy with their "very special" relationship.

Suri Cruise steps out sporting glossy red lips
Suri Cruise, who is known for her fashion sense, was seen sporting some cherry lipstick, as she left home with her mother Katie Holmes in New York on Wednesday night.

Tom Cruise wants mansion in Malta like Becks
Tom Cruise is following in the footsteps of his Beverly Hills neighbor David Beckham by buying a mansion on the island of Malta.

Tom Cruise says daughter Suri was "born" stylish
Tom Cruise thinks that his five-year-old daughter Suri was "born" stylish, as she creates her own outfits.

Tom Cruise's daughter Suri tops list of most influential celebrity children
Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise has topped the list of the twenty most influential celebrity children, while David and Victoria Becham's toddler Harper Beckham came at second place.

Suri Cruise throws temper tantrum in NY toyshop
Seems like Suri Cruise has got enough feistiness to cover for her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who often display a calm and level head in public.

Tom Cruise's daughter wants gifts worth 65k pounds for Xmas
Tom Cruise's five year old daughter Suri has asked Santa for prezzies worth 65,000 pounds for Christmas.

Junior artists paid $3 to play screaming fans of Tom Cruise at Mumbai airport!
When Tom Cruise, the world's biggest star and possibly the most famous Scientologist on earth, stepped out of the Mumbai domestic airport with his entourage, little did he know that the screaming crowds he was waving out to were not his Indian fans at all.

The why, how and what of kids' temper tantrums
Children's temper tantrums can be analysed and have a pattern and rhythm of their own that, when understood, may help many long-suffering parents and teachers, a new study has suggested.

Katie Holmes wants to travel world with daughter
Katie Holmes has revealed that she is looking forward to embarking on the "next chapter" in her life and travel the world with her five-year-old daughter Suri.

Tom Cruise leads dance-off at Larry Ellison's son wedding
Tom Cruise showcased his fancy footwork as he got into a dance-off at the wedding of Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison's son, David, to actress Sandy Modic in Palm Springs last weekend.

Suri Cruise flaunts ladybug costume ahead of Halloween
Daughter of superstars Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes, Suri Cruise seems to have got a headstart on Halloween three weeks before the event.

UK's retailers slammed for 'sexualising' tots by selling high-heeled shoes
Top retailers in Europe have come under fire from parenting groups for "encouraging the sexualisation of children" by selling high-heeled shoes for girls as young as three.

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