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Peter Parker

About Peter Parker

Peter Parker is the name of the character played by Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man movie.

Peter Parker in News

Andrew Garfield designed skateboard for new Spider-Man flick
Andrew Garfield has revealed that he designed the Spiderman's skateboard for his film 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'

Andrew Garfield calls youthful looks 'blessing and curse'
Andrew Garfield has revealed that his youthful looks are a "blessing and a curse", especially when he is trying out for film roles.

Andrew Garfield feeling pressure of Spiderman role
British actor Andrew Garfield has spoken about the pressure of playing a comic book character that was his hero while growing up.

Andrew Garfield attracted to Emma Stone at film screen test
Andrew Garfield has revealed that he was attracted to Emma Stone, his co-star of upcoming flick 'The Amazing Spider Man', from the very first screen test they did together. - Exclusive Launch Partner for Amazing Spiderman Toys, India’s leading e-commerce company has launchedan exclusive and licensed range of Spiderman action toys and remote controlled vehicles, based upon the theme of the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster “The Amazing Spiderman”. This exciting range leverages on the worldwide popularity of adventures of Peter Parker as Spiderman and commands an appeal across age groups

Stone shocked by sudden casting in 'Spider-Man'
Actress Emma Stone did not get time to inform her loved ones about landing a role in the new 'Spider-Man' movie, as the casting news hit the internet minutes after she was informed.

Marvel Comics gives 'Spider Man' half black half Latino makeover
'Spider Man', who started life as a white science geek, has been given a makeover as a half black half Latino teen by Marvel Comics.

Peter Parker dies in new 'Ultimate Spider-Man' comic series
Peter Parker is reportedly getting killed off in the new 'Spider-Man' comic series, which hit the stands on Wednesday.

Spider-Man's comic debut sells for $1.1M
The first Spider-Man comic book released in1962 has fetched a whopping 1.1 million dollars in an online auction, according to US online auctioneers.

IDBS Leads Stratified Medicine Consortium to Build UK-Wide Cancer Research and Collaboration Platform
IDBS, a global provider of innovative data management, analytics and modeling solutions, today announced that the UK's national innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, has selected an IDBS-led consortium to create an informatics platform to support stratified and translational medicine research and cross-organizational collaboration

WhitePages Listings Show Very Small Percentage of American Adults Share the Full Names of United States Presidents
What's it like to share your full name with a President of the United States? As the U.S. celebrates President's Day to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays, WhitePages ( discovered that only 21 adults in the U.S. share their full name with the 16th U.S. President and only 870 adults share their full name with the first U.S. President. Only

Kirsten Dunst backs new 'Spider-Man' cast
Actress Kirsten Dunst is convinced that the new 'Spiderman' star Andrew Garfield and her replacement, Emma Stone, will 'be great' in the rebooted superhero franchise.

Martin Sheen to play Spider-Man's uncle
Martin Sheen is all set to play Spider-Man's uncle in the next installment of the comic book franchise.

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