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Paris Hilton as Businesswoman

Paris Hilton is an American socialite, businesswoman and a hotel heiress.

Paris Hilton sells luxury items through her brand globally. She has 42 stores around worldwide which sells luxury handbags, accessories, shoes, fragrances, watches and T-shirts.

Perfumes / Fragrances

Fairy Dust and Siren

Fairy Dust and Siren are the name of the perfume brand promoted by Hilton. In 2008 advert, she is seen as a sexy fairy wearing a gold boob tube and a short skirt with stockings. In January 2010, she dressed up like Marilyn Monroe to advertise her tenth eponymously named fragrance.

Other fragrances

In May 2010, she took inspiration from Marilyn Monroe for her 10th fragrance titled Tease by Paris Hilton

Clothing line

Paris Hilton has intrest in launching kids clothing range. The clothing range was expanded in January 2010 with the announcement of a new lingerie line that will give flat chested girls a better option than going under the knife.

Store in Mecca

In November 2012, Paris Hilton kicked up a controversy when she opened a store for selling luxury items in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Mecca is considered the holiest of the cities by Muslims and is in Saudi Arabia. Mecca attracts up to 3 million Muslim pilgrims from around the world every year and all Muslims are expected to visit the pilgrimage at least once in their life time.

After opening the store, she posted a picture of herself on Twitter with the message "Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!"

The store in Mecca is her fifth store in Saudi Arabia and 42 in total around the world.

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