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Mischa Barton

About Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is an English-American Actress.

Personal Biography

Mischa is spotted with Josh Hartnett at trendy club Bungalow 8 but they denied rumors of a romance.

Barton has split from 'Rooney' front man Taylor Locke in September 08 and was unaccustomed to being without a relationship, yet she thinks its 'important' to take a break and feels great being single.

DUI arrest

Barton was arrested and jailed for seven hours on December 27, 2007 for driving under the influence and possessing drugs. She was also accused of driving without a valid licence, was pulled over at the corner of La Cienega and Santa Monica boulevards in Los Angeles. According to L.A. County Sheriff's Department, the actress' vehicle was straddling two lanes of traffic and she failed to signal before making a left turn. Police also said that the actress was in possession of marijuana and a controlled substance. However, the actress was eventually released on 10,000 dollars bail and a court hearing has been scheduled for February 28, 2008. Her ex-boyfriends Brandon Davis and Cisco Adler have extended their support to her.

Professional Biography

As an actress / model

In May 2008, she showed her diva side at Nylon magazine photoshoot.

Movies / Filmography

  • The O.C. as Marissa Cooper
  • Closing The Ring

Popular acting roles / movie scenes

  • Nude scene in Closing The Ring

Ranking / Recognition / Awards / Nominations / Postive comments

Film Production

Barton felt there is a lack of good roles for women in the film industry and said she will follow the lines of Drew Barrymore to become a film producer.

Wardrobe Malfunction

In May 2007, Barton had a wardrobe malfunction when her white open-fronted top collapsed at London hotspot Boujis. Later in September 2008, she exposed a little more than intended at the taxi driver opening the car door on arriving at the Fashion For Relief show at the Natural History Museum, London.

Mischa Barton Official Website

Mischa Barton launched her own website in November 08 to banish false rumours about her personal life. In January 09, she has reportedly uploaded her bikini photographs shot in Goa, where she filmed for her new movie, on her official website.

Other information

Mischa credited swimming with dolphins as the for curing hangover.

Mischa said she loved her masala chai and sitar lessons and visiting Hindu temples and learning about Buddhism in India as she began embracing Indian culture for her new movie in the country based on real-life Bhopal industrial disaster.

In January 09, just hours before being snapped kissing Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard, Mischa Barton was spotted locking lips with a female pal on her 23rd birthday. Mischa has earlier admitted that she preferred the girl-on-girl scenes because they were 'more natural'. She also frolicked with Rachel Evan Wood in 2006 film Once And Again

In June 09, Barton has enraged Hindus around the world, after she cribbed on her blog about not getting a sitar teacher in India.

Mischa Barton in News

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain Holds Private Screening in United Nations
"Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain," the upcoming historical-drama release set amidst the real life Bhopal disaster that occurred in India in 1984, held a private screening to a youth assembly in the United Nations on August 7th 2014.

Hair offered to gods by Indian women end up as 3,000 pounds extensions in UK
Temple hair, which are offered by thousands of Indian women and a few men every day as a gift to Lord Venkateswara - the presiding deity, has already found its way to hundreds of British salons where it is sold in the form of real hair extensions costing up to 3,000 pounds a time.

Mischa Barton steps out with John Guidetti on red carpet
Mischa Barton, who is a television and movie star as well as fashion icon, seems to be adding WAG to her list after stepping out with Manchester City soccer player John Guidetti.

Mischa Barton credits staying slim to healthy eating and running
Mischa Barton has reportedly been telling her friends that her slim toned figure is all down to healthy eating, keeping a mostly vegan diet and running.

Activists slam Bhopal gas tragedy film for letting 'culprit US company off the hook'
Canberra, Dec 31 (ANI:) Campaigners working with the survivors of 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy have slammed a movie being made on the incident, saying that the film would be an insult to the victims of the world's worst industrial disaster.

'Nude' Mischa Barton licks raw meat in bizarre new photo shoot
Mischa Barton recently posed topless with raw meat for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

Mischa Barton is face of new Chinese sex toy?
It seems 'The O.C.' star Mischa Barton has become the face of a Chinese sex toy.

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