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Lindsay Lohan 2007 DUI case and jail

About Lindsay Lohan 2007 DUI case and jail

In March 09, a arrest warrant was issued for Lohan by the Beverly Hills Superior Court. Lindsays legal team tried to underplay arrest warrant against her and tried their its best to play down the warrant. Her dad said she will deal with warrant 'Like She Has To'. Finally, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has quashed the arrest warrant

In May 2010, LiLo enjoyed late night partying after making a quick buck over the weekend. However, her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley slammed an online report that suggests the star has been skipping her alcohol education classes.

Reports in May 2010 suggested she is expected to miss a mandatory court date because the actress is stuck in Cannes and this could land her in jail. Her father Michael Lohan was disheartened and upset after he came to know about the arrest warrant. She escaped the arrest by making a bail to avoid the mandatory court hearing. A judge recalled the arrest warrant - issued for allegedly setting off her court-ordered, booze-sensing ankle bracelet, after 20,000 dollars were posted by a bail bondsman.

By July 2010, it she was apparently convinced that she has done nothing wrong and wouldnt end up behind bars.

However, to her surprise, in July 2010, she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation in the 2007 drug case. It is reported she may only serve only a quarter of her prison term. The day next, she quoted to U.N. Declaration of Human Rights and an article on Newsweek about an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery saying 'no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment'.

Later it appeared she will have to serve full 90 days in jail, thanks to a special program, which inmates get when they are addicted.

Lawyer says LiLo misses her family in jail
Incarcerated Lindsay Lohans lawyer has revealed that the actress misses her family in the jail. ANI

LiLo got a tattoo before going to jail
Lindsay Lohan got herself a new tattoo before her jail stint, according to reports. ANI

LiLo has made some friends in jail, says attorney
Lindsay Lohan has made friends in jail, revealed her attorney. ANI

LiLo could be freed today
Jailed star Lindsay Lohan, who was sentenced to 90 days in prison for breaking the terms of her drink-drive probation, could be freed as early as today. ANI

LiLo in jail lockdown following hysterical fit
Lindsay Lohan has apparently been placed in lockdown due to a hysterical fit - caused by inmates taunts about her sexuality. ANI

LiLo living next to murderers in prison
Lindsay Lohans area of the jail is reportedly predominantly populated by women doing time for murder. ANI

LiLo being watched round-the-clock after scratches found on arms
Lindsay Lohan is said to be under 24-hour supervision after a number of scratches were found on her arm. ANI

No special treatment for LiLo in jail
A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department has denied reports which claimed that Lindsay Lohan is being given special treatment in the jail. ANI

Samantha Ronson visits ex LiLo in jail
Samantha Ronson has paid a visit to her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan in jail. ANI

LiLos professional worth goes up, thanks to jail term
Despite her jail sentence, Lindsay Lohans professional worth is going up - shes making more money than she did in the last year. ANI

Inmates pissy over LiLos VIP treatment in jail
Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohans VIP treatment in prison has made other inmates furious. ANI

LiLo getting VIP treatment in prison
Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan is said to be getting VIP treatment in prison, with gourmet meals, sweets and even drugs being provided for her. ANI

LiLo got filler in her lips before jail: Plastic surgeons
Multiple plastic surgeons believe that Lindsay Lohan surgically plumped her pout before starting her jail term. ANI

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