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About Deborra-Lee

Deborra-Lee is wife of actor Hugh Jackman.

Personal Biography

Life with Hugh Jackman

Deborra Lee is married to actor Hugh Jackman. For more information on their relationship, read Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee Furness.

Deborra-Lee in News

Rachel Roy and Deepak Chopra to promote spiritual shopping
Rachel Roy is trying her best to encourage fashion insiders to become more spiritual.

Hugh Jackman's expanding business to include chocolates
Keeping Valentine's Day in mind, Hugh Jackman is extending his business and venturing into the world of chocolates.

Hugh Jackman steams up sex life playing stockbroker in bedroom for wife
Hugh Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness has said that he dresses up as a stockbroker in the bedroom to play out her fantasies.

Jackman's wife feels like 'chopped liver' in front of 'Hughophiles'
Hugh Jackman's wife has admitted that she has "been almost pummelled" by the crazy fans or 'Hughophiles' who try to reach out to her star husband.

Hugh Jackman believes it was destiny to adopt children
'Real Steel' star Hugh Jackman believes it was his and wife Deborra-Lee Furness' destiny to adopt their two children.

Hugh Jackman reveals how adoption healed his pain of not having kids naturally
Actor Hugh Jackman was devastated when he and wife Deborra-Lee Furness learned that they couldn't have their own children, but his heartbreak was finally cancelled out by the joys of fatherhood after adopting two kids.

Waiting tables stopped Hugh Jackman from becoming an 'a-hole'
Hugh Jackman has revealed that starting as a waiter and beginning his acting career at 30 stopped him from becoming swollen headed.

Deborra-Lee Furness is first star to be celebrated on 'This is Your Life'
Actor Hugh Jackman's actress wife Deborra-Lee Furness has become the first star to be celebrated on 'This is Your Life'.

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz get 'hot and heavy' on Valentine's Day
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have reportedly been spotted cuddling and kissing each other on Valentine's Day.

Is Hugh Jackman house hunting in Melbourne?
Actor Hugh Jackman is reportedly looking for a house in Melbourne sparking rumors of a move home from NYC.

Hugh Jackman continues training despite injuries
X-Men star Hugh Jackman has not let his injuries slow him down, and he has been spotted continuing his training despite the stitches and bruises he sustained.

Bon Jovi to perform for Oprah's guests
Jon Bon Jovi is set to take the stage for 300 guests being flown out for Oprah Winfrey's Australian TV specials along with hundreds of other VIPs.

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