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Renee Zellweger

About Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is a popular Oscar-winning film actress.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney and Renee are married a ceremony at the island of St. John on May 9, 2005. However, just four months later the two announced their plans to annul the marriage.

Post split, she did not get into any romances but was linked with Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry. In August 07, rumours are out that she is dating an agent at her management firm in Hollywood - CAA and this added to the speculation when she is seen dancing with a mysterious man to live Billy Joel hits.

Relationship with Dan Abrams

In January 09, it is reported Renee is dating American TV personality Dan Abrams.

Breast cancer scare

Zellweger noticed that there was something wrong was when she examined her breasts on her own in 1996 and found two small masses in her right breast. Zellweger lost her grandmother to cancer in 1969 and hence decided to check up with doctors in Los Angeles who said it was not breast cancer. However, the cancer scare has made her be more serious and preventive of cancer.


Revealing about she being snubbed by grumpy airline staff, Renee said she loves when people are rude to her as it makes her feel like a normal person and not a famous movie star and that she hates when people suddenly realise who she is and they start pretending to be nice, making it look as if they are putting on a show for her. She feels proud to retain her sanity despite being in the showbiz.

In October 07, she arrived at the premier of Bee Movie red faced making her fans wondering that she might be overdoing her beauty treatments.

She said she dosent believe in fixed New Year resolutions and dosent mind changing them. She also felt no sympathy for Los Angeles' new breed of socialites-turned-screen stars.

Food, Health and Diet

Rumours are out that Renie maintains her slim and trim figure by eating seaweed. She has cut out all dairy products from her diet. She follows a macrobiotic diet, which includes fish, vegetables and rice.

Professional Biography

Acting career

Despite of the bizarre situations in her life, Renee says she managed to stay out of the psychiatric wards throughout her film career. She feels proud that to despite the stresses of celebrity life she has managed to retain her sanity.

List of Famous Films & Television appearances

Movie cast / Roles

Renee's restaurant

In August 09, Renee opened Mexican restaurant in East Hampton, New York.

Other Professional Information

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