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Kate Jackson

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Kate Jackson is an actress, popular for her role in Charlie's Angel.

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TuneIn Brings Seattle's Bumbershoot Music Festival to Millions of Music Fans Around the World
TuneIn, the leading service for listening to music, sports and news streams from around the world, is making it possible for music fans everywhere to enjoy the sounds of Bumbershoot®: Seattle's Music & Arts Festival.

ABC`s axed 'Charlie`s Angel` on its way to TV heaven
ABC has halted the production of new version of "Charlie's Angels," leaving the critically lambasted show's future in doubt.

Kelly Brook could become one of Charlie's Angels
American TV bosses are bringing back 'Charlie's Angels' to the small screen and they want Kelly Brook for a role that could turn her into a global superstar.

Third phase of Bihar Assembly elections witness 53 per cent voter turnout
The third phase of Bihar State Assembly elections today witnessed about 53 per cent of the 1.03 eligible voters exercising their franchise here on Thursday.

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