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Joan Collins

About Joan Collins

Joan Collins is a veteran British actress.

Professional Biography

In November 07, Music mogul Simon Cowell said he would recruit Collins in order to perk-up glamour quotient at the British talent show The X Factor.

Joan Collins in News

Vani Paris, Founder of Trophee Paris Awards -- Europe's Version of The Oscars -- Plans Charity Concert 2015 for New Amazon Rainforest Sustainability Environmental Initiative
Vani Paris, the founder of Trophée Paris Awards -- Europe's equivalent of Hollywood's Academy Awards -- is planning a charity concert in late summer of 2015 for a new Amazon Rainforest Sustainability Environmental Initiative, to reinvigorate the support in the sustainability of protecting and development of the Amazon rainforest -- the "Lungs of the Earth."

Sven-Goran Eriksson files for bid to kick ex Nancy Dell'Olio out of his flat
Sven Goran-Eriksson has taken to court to throw his former partner Nancy Dell'Olio out of his 2.7-million-pound London flat.

Shell suit voted 'worst fashion item of past 50 years'
The shell suit, which was famously sported by the late Sir Jimmy Savile and was once a wardrobe staple for many Brits, has now been voted the worst fashion item of the past 50 years.

Nancy Dell'Olio spends 3k pounds at charity auction in London
Nancy Dell'Olio, is said to have splashed out 3000 pounds at a charity auction for a walk-on part in classy London ballet Sleeping Beauty.

Tamara Ecclestone eyes topless waiter at charity auction
Despite having a boyfriend, Tamara Ecclestone couldn't resist a cheeky peek at a topless waiter at the Lighthouse Gala Auction in London on Monday night.

'Pouting' Posh shocks stars at post-Oscars bash
Victoria Beckham shocked Oscars stars by refusing to smile.ccording to the Daily Star, Posh looked stony-faced as she mingled with Hollywood's biggest A-listers.

Shell suit voted 'worst fashion item of past 50 years'
The shell suit, which was famously sported by the late Sir Jimmy Savile and was once a wardrobe staple for many Brits, has now been voted the worst fashion item of the past 50 years.

Joan Collins fires angry tweet at Theresa May over Heathrow commotion
Joan Collins took to Twitter to vent out her anger after she was one of thousands of passengers held up in airport chaos on Tuesday.

Ryan Seacrest buys Ellen DeGeneres' house for 49m dollars
Ryan Seacrest has splashed out 49 million dollars on Ellen DeGeneres' Beverly Hills estate, which is reportedly "within a couple of million dollars" of the asking price.

Brit woman seeking millionaire to take away her virginity at 70
A 70-year-old British woman has declared that she is finally ready to lose her virginity.

New documentary reveals Elizabeth Taylor's love for diamonds
Elizabeth Taylor had a great love of jewels, especially diamonds, her friends have revealed in a new documentary.

Joan Collins admits to have had Botox
Joan Collins has confessed that she has had Botox in the past but refuses to go through it again because it "hurt like hell".

I've had botox, says Joan Collins
Actress Joan Collins has confessed to taking botox injections in the past, but insists that she would not take the wrinkle-smoothing injections again because they "hurt like hell".

Joan Collins thinks Duchess Catherine is 'flawless'
Joan Collins thinks that the conduct of the duchess of Cambridge has been "flawless" since she married Prince William.

Joan Collins blames ego for many Hollywood splits
Joan Collins thinks "ego" is the reason behind unsuccessful relationships between young Hollywood stars.

Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham to spar again for Snickers
Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham will reprise their arch enemy act from 'Dynasty', in the new Snickers advert.

Joan Collins is the svelte new face of Snickers
Hollywood legend Joan Collins, famous for maintaining a fabulous figure, is the surprising new face of the advertising campaign for Snickers chocolate bars.

Joan Collins caught smuggling Valentino dresses
Actress Joan Collins has revealed that she was in the midst of trouble after she violated the law by smuggling couture dresses into the US.

Sex, not botox, can make you look good: Joan Collins
Hollywood icon Joan Collins has revealed that it is not botox, but sex, that can make one feel and look good.

Joan Collins still has an active sex life at 78
Joan Collins, who is fifth time happily married at the age of 78 to Percy Gibson, has revealed in her book 'The World According To Joan, that sex is a very important part in their relationship.

Joan Collins reveals how 1st hubby Maxwell Reed raped her on 1st date!
Joan Collins has revealed in her book that her first husband Maxwell Reed raped her on their first meeting when she was just 18 years old.

Joan Collins 'forced to sell NY apartment due to financial crisis'
Joan Collins, best known for her role as Alexis Carrington on the 1980s evening soap story Dynasty, has put her New York City apartment on the market after admitting that the recession has taken its toll on her personal fortune.

Joan Collins supports Cheryl Cole in exit from US X Factor
English actress Joan Collins has expressed her support for singer Cheryl Cole after she was ousted from the X Factor in America.

Joan Collins wants to launch own fashion line for older women
Veteran actress Joan Collins has revealed that she has ideas of launching her own fashion line that will cater mostly to older women.

Joan Collins' too-tight dress makes her swoon at Vanity Fair party
Actress Joan Collins had to be taken out of the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party in an ambulance after the tight dress she wore made her woozy.

Sarah Jessica Parker to attend Oaks Day at Flemington
Sarah Jessica Parker will be attending the Spring Racing Carnival in Flemington.

Joan Collins to star in movie inspired by LiLo's life
Joan Collins is all set to star in a movie that is inspired by the troubled life of Lindsay Lohan.

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