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Halle Berry

About Halle Berry

Halle Berry (born August 14, 1966) is a Emmy-Award winning American actress, former fashion model, and a beauty queen.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Gabriel

Her boyfriend is Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. She invested in a multi-million dollar property that sits on 63 acres of land in St. Hippolyte, a small town in Quebec, Canada to share with him. The couple has a daughter Nahla born in March 08. To beat the baby buldge, Helle opted for three cardio sessions such as jogging, swimming and cycling, two circuit sessions with light hand weights and one core session (core muscles help keep your stomach flat. Exercises usually involve sit-ups and crunches). She started having plenty of lean proteins such as skinless chicken and lean red meat, complex carbs, such as brown bread and rice, and a vegetable, drank lots of water, and shuns coffee and tea, according to Nutritionist Carina Norris.

On Relationships

Reiterating her pledge of never getting married, Halle Berry says she is happy that the man in her life thinks like her about conjugality.


Berry believes in Yoga.


Helle Berry was so much in love with her pregnancy that she wants to stay that way forever. She said she will name the baby after giving birth. Rumors suggested that she is expecting her second child and is three months pregnant. When the rumours are making rounds, she appeared with a sexy look on TV in America in September 09 ending the ends pregnancy rumours.

Appearance / Dressing

Her dress was caught in the elevator during Barack Obama presidential inauguration.

Berry says that the constant pressure from the paparazzi doesnt let her be herself, as they are always pinpointing flaws in her appearance.

Other personal information

Professional Biography

Acting skills

Berry says she is loves to act with Oscar-winner Denzel Washington if a right script comes her way.

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Other Information

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