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Elizabeth Hurley

About Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley (born 10 June 1965 at Basingstoke, Hampshire, England) is a British model and an actress.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Arun Nayar

Hurley married Indian Businessman Arun Nayar. For more information about their relationship, read Elizabeth Hurley & Arun Nayar.

Elizabeth Hurley Timeline

Health & Beauty

In November 09, she shifted from drinking wine to vodka in order to maintain her svelte figure.

She says she has given up coffee but insists she feels restless after the sacrifice.

She shared about her bizarre diet tip with her thousands of Twitter followers and feels adults do not need breakfast.

Personal views

Hurley feels that life in the country is sexier than that in urban areas.

Other personal information

Professional Biography

As an actress

Reports in November 09 revealed that she is planning to make a comeback on the big screen. after staying away from the cameras for five years.

Movies / Filmography

  • Bedazzled

Hurley left movies in 2004 after her appearance in 'Method' and she felt a good mum living with her son.

Reality show

In July 09, Hurley hot all set to film a reality TV show regarding life on her farm.


In July 2007, Hurley is slammed for dressing her son in neon pink bikini for a campaign for her swimwear range for kids. In August 2007, she appeared in a see through dress and posed for her fan photographers.

She was so obsessed with the latest sales figures of her swimwear range that she checks it out even when shes in bed with husband Arun Nayar.

She had an embarrassing moment because of a wardrobe malfunction that revealed an embarrassing sneak peak of her nude-coloured underpants at a charity event at Bloomingdale's in New York. Her plunging black evening gown at the Ramsay Gordon's annual fund raising dinner are fresh in the minds of her fans.

She spiced up a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in Mumbai by dressing as an Indian princess - with son Damian in a traditional turban.

In February 2010, she was recently spotted wearing a sheer sari gown with no bra or blouse on. ANI

In September 2010, she was spotted wearing a plunging zebra-print dress despite her bid to keep a low profile in dark shades.

Ranking / Recognition / Awards / Nominations / Postive comments

Modeling career

In November 08, she made a sizzling bikini shoot for beachwear collection in India.

Comments / Negative criticism

Other Professional Information

Other information

Elizabeth Hurley in News

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Elizabeth Hurley wants an Australian designer for her wedding dress
Hurley and Warne will tie the knot next year

Milla Jovovich takes inspiration from Liz Hurley's 'safety pin' Versace gown
Model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich caused a stir after she stepped out in a daring dress similar to Elizabeth Hurley's 1994 black Versace gown, which was fastened together with large safety pins in 1994, at a fashion show.

Marilyn Monroe voted cleavage queen
Marilyn Monroe, even after 50 years of her death, beat actresses including Scarlett Johansson, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and Sophia Loren to be crowned as the woman with the best bust of all time.

Chace Crawford desperate to date Cheryl Cole
'Gossip Girl' star Chace Crawford has revealed that he has a huge crush on Cheryl Cole, and is desperate to date the singer.

Boobs are proof men can pay attention to 2 things at once, says Warnie
Shane Warne, who quickly reverted to his shabby ways as soon as fiancee Elizabeth Hurley turned her back for a moment, proved that his style is not as bad as his sense of humour.

Liz Hurley reveals why she won't have kids with Shane Warne
Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that though she will marry fiance Shane Warne, she has no plans of having children with him - because her biological clock is silent.

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley attend charity cricket match
Shane Warne was accompanied by fiance Elizabeth Hurley, as he played in a charity cricket match in Oxfordshire on Sunday afternoon, in aid of Wellbeing of Women.

Warnie slams ex-wife over 'name calling' of Hurley's 'Mummy 2' nickname
Shane Warne has blasted his former wife Simone Callahan for demanding their children to stop calling Elizabeth Hurley "Mummy Two".

Warnie `really, really happy for the first time in life` with Liz Hurley
Shane Warne, who is living together with fiance Elizabeth Hurley and their children on a 400-acre property in rural Gloucestershire, England, has revealed that he has never been so happy before.

Warnie tells ex-wife Simone Callahan to move on with her own life
Shane Warne has criticised his former wife, Simone Callahan, for complaining about their children calling his fiancee, Elizabeth Hurley, "Mummy Two."

Warnie goes shopping with Liz Hurley at boutiques in Pairs
It seems that fiancee Elizabeth Hurley, who is credited for Shane Warne's cleaner and leaner look, has got him hooked to fashion also.

Liz Hurley 'no good at cooking '
Elizabeth Hurley, who is a mistress of many skills from bikini designing to acting, seems to be no domestic goddess when it comes to cooking.

Warnie features alongside Liz Hurley in beachwear ad
Shane Warne has starred alongside his fiancee Elizabeth Hurley in a commercial for her new beachwear.

Liz Hurley snubs offer to host 'Australia's Next Top Model'
Elizabeth Hurley has reportedly turned down Foxtel's offer to host 'Australia's Next Top Model'.

Liz Hurley gives top tips for healthy eating
Elizabeth Hurley has shared her top lifestyle tips with her fans, saying that she rarely diets and avoids all alcohol apart from vodka.

Liz Hurley ready for 'chaotic future' with Warnie
Elizabeth Hurley has admitted that her future will be 'chaotic' as she and partner Shane Warne juggle the needs of their four children.

Liz Hurley's bikini diet secret revealed
Elizabeth Hurley, who is passionate about healthy eating, has revealed that she wants to increase her meal repertoire with cooking lessons.

Liz Hurley always wears make-up
Elizabeth Hurley never leaves the house without make-up, as she does not want to look any less beautiful when she is out.

Warne and Liz get 'hot and heavy' at cricket match
Shane Warne and fiancee Elizabeth Hurley shared a series of passionate kisses as they watched cricket at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, on Sunday.

Warne and Hurley reveal intimate details on Twitter
Seems like Shane Warne and his bride-to-be Elizabeth Hurley don't have a care in the world these days as they go passionate about each other.

Liz and Warne return to their separate lives after 'cool' Oz Christmas
Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne have returned to their very different lives after enjoying a relaxing Christmas at the cricketer's home in Australia.

Warne and Hurley's kids get along well on day out at Movieworld
Judging by their cosy appearance at Movieworld on Gold Coast recently, Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley's children seemed to be getting along famously.

Warne makes terrified face on roller coaster while his son relaxes
Shane Warne was snapped looking terrified on a roller coater while his son Jackson relaxed in his seat at Movie World on Australia's Gold Coast on Tuesday.

Will 'S-Hurleys' outnumber Brangelina brood?
Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne recently walked through Brisbane airport with their respective children, and the size of their collective brood looks set to rival that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Liz Hurley and son join Warne's kids to cheer him on during match
Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian joined her fiance Shane Warne's children to watch the cricketer in action and appeared to be very much a case of happy families on Saturday.

Liz Hurley to flip coin for Warne's Melbourne Stars'
Elizabeth Hurley is all set to toss the coin for fiance Shane Warne's Melbourne Stars' opening Big Bash game against Sydney Thunder on Saturday night.

Liz Hurley and ex hubby Arun Nayar in awkward embrace
Elizabeth Hurley and her ex-husband Arun Nayar looked awkward while embracing each other at a private view of photographer Anthony Souza's snapshots from Madonna's film 'W.E.' at The Little Black Gallery in Fulham in West London.

Hurley watches Warnie's match with son and his kids
Actress Elizabeth Hurley was recently spotted with her son and Shane Warne's children, watching Melbourne Stars play Sydney Sixers.

Liz Hurley's son wants acting career
Elizabeth Hurley's nine-year-old son Damian has expressed his desire to join acting and has even asked his mom to find him an agent.

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