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Christina Hendricks

About Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is an American actress, famous for her role as Joan Holloway

Christina's appearance on the red carpet at the Emmy's in her plunging green gown designed by Tadashi Shoji has got great coverage in the media.

Public Appearances

Christina Hendricks and January Jones attended the Peace Over Violence Humanitarian Awards Dinner on 26 October 2012 in Beverly Hills.

Launches Nightclub

Christina Hendricks has launched The Act nightclub in Las Vegas on 28 October 2012. She wore a bright red sequin gown for the launch ceremony. She also inaugurated the new Chopard boutique earlier in the day.

Christina Hendricks in News

Marilyn Monroe voted cleavage queen
Marilyn Monroe, even after 50 years of her death, beat actresses including Scarlett Johansson, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and Sophia Loren to be crowned as the woman with the best bust of all time.

I love it when a man orders Scotch, says Christina Hendricks
Actress Christina Hendricks has revealed that she finds men who are hard drinkers, sexy.

'Faja' girdles are style set's extreme new answer to hourglass curves
Faja, a super-tight girdle traditionally worn after liposuction surgery is enjoying a revival among New York's style set.

Marks and Spencer's comfy corset promises perfect 'Mad Men' wasp waist
Earlier, achieving the perfect wasp waist required a painful corset or an equally painful exercise regime, but now Marks and Spencer has come up with a rather more comfortable alternative in the shape of lightweight corset-style lingerie that doesn't force the wearer to hold her breath.

Beyonce named 'most beautiful woman in the world'
People magazine on Wednesday named Beyonce the most beautiful female form on the entire planet out of 3 billion women in the world.

Christina Hendricks unravels mystery behind her dyed red hair
Christina Hendricks has revealed the inspiration behind her trademark dyed red hair.

Christina Hendricks to launch own swimwear line
Christina Hendricks has revealed her plan to start a swimwear line, as she can't find bathing suits to fit her b**bs.

What a woman wears 'reveals more about her personality than she intends'
What women wear can give a powerful insight into who they are too, a new study has revealed.

Six shapes of women revealed
One in five women is shaped like butternut squash, which means that their bust and hip sizes are the same but the waist is smaller by about 10 inches.

Nude pictures of Heather Morris leaked on web
'Glee' star Heather Morris is the latest celebrity whose intimate personal photos have been leaked online.

Christina Hendricks not typical beauty, says Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm, who recently slammed "idiots" like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, doesn't think Christina Hendricks is a typical "'beauty'" because her curvy frame is different from what others regard as attractive.

Jon Hamm says Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian 'rewarded for being idiots'
Jon Hamm has slammed the cult of celebrity that has made millionaires out of "idiots" like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Christina Hendricks says leaked 'topless' photo not hers
Christina Hendricks' cell phone has been hacked and purported nude photos of the star have been leaked on the Internet, but she says that not all of the photos are authentic.

Christina Hendricks wields crossbow in new photoshoot
Christina Hendricks is seen posing with a crossbow in an archery-themed photoshoot for V Magazine's sports Issue.

Marilyn Monroe named Top Beach Body Of All Time
Marilyn Monroe has beaten Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook and Christina Hendricks to be crowned the best beach body of all times, in a poll.

I grew up ugly, awkward and horrible, says Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks, who has been voted as the sexiest woman in the world owing to her hour-glass figure and flame-red hair, has revealed that she was viciously targeted by cruel classmates for being a teenage misfit.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley named top style icon for 2012
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been voted as the top style icon for this year at the Elle Style Awards.

Hendricks encouraged parents' divorce
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she was unfazed by her parents' divorce and even encouraged them to split.

Marriage changed Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks has confessed that marrying Geoffrey Arend has made her more nurturing.

Nicole Scherzinger shakes off X Factor axe with sexy ad for London Fog
Nicole Scherzinger, who was dropped from her role as a judge on 'The X Factor', has showed Simon Cowell that she's certainly not short of work by starring in a racy new London Fog campaign.

Christina Hendricks shocked by spiteful comments on Internet
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she has stopped searching for her name on the Internet after reading spiteful comments she found online.

'Red hot' Christina Hendricks rocks Men's Health magazine
Christina Hendricks has showed off her sultry look in a few captivating poses in the November issue of Men's Health magazine.

Christina Hendricks recalls terrifying near-death childhood experience
'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks has recalled having survived a terrifying childhood car accident, which could have killed her entire family.

Christina Hendricks keen to play a cowgirl
'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks, who captured the hearts of men everywhere as steely, sexy secretary Joan Holloway in the hit show, has revealed that she wants to swap her shift dress for leather chaps and play a cowgirl.

Christina Hendricks loves to cook 'Indian or Indian-inspired kinds of things'
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she likes to cook "Indian or Indian-inspired kinds of things"

Botox for eyelashes to make mascara history
A new treatment that promises to enhance the length, thickness and shade of eyelashes and has already proved to be a massive hit in the US, could soon make mascara history.

My husband makes me feel sexy, says Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks has revealed that it is her husband who makes her feel sexy.

Jennifer Hudson, Christina Hendricks honoured for their charity work
Hollywood stars Jennifer Hudson and Christina Hendricks were honoured for their charity work at the 2011 Women Doing Good Awards.

Christina Hendricks ready to accept Refn's Wonder Woman 'in a heartbeat'
'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks is keen to jump into the role of 'Wonder Woman' after director Nicolas Winding Refn named her his ideal actress for the superhero part.

Scherzinger replaces Hendricks as face of fashion label London Fog
Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton's former girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger has replaced 'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks as the face of US outerwear label London Fog.

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