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About Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick (born August 9, 1985) is an American film and stage actress. She is known for her prominent roles in the 2003 film Camp.

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YouTube Star Elle Fowler Says "I Do" to BRIDES Live Wedding
Today, Michelle Myers, publisher and CRO of BRIDES, and Keija Minor, editor in chief of BRIDES, announced this year's BRIDES Live Wedding® will follow YouTube personality and lifestyle, beauty, and fashion maven Elle Fowler through her journey to her wedding day

Newcastle Brown Ale and 37 Other Companies Unveil "Band of Brands" Ad, the First-Ever Crowdfunded Big Game Spot
Rather than individually blowing a CEO's salary on 30 seconds of television advertising, Newcastle called on fellow brands to join forces and make the smartest financial decision possible: to collaborate on the world's first crowdfunded ad for this weekend's Mega Huge American Football Game!

Newcastle Assembling a Rag-Tag "Band of Brands" to Crowdfund Its Latest Effort to Break Into the Big Game
Crowdfunding has produced everything from limited-edition records and books to T-shirts, health products and drone technology. To date, though, crowdfunding hasn't cracked the biggest advertising stage in the world: that big American football game in February.

POPSUGAR Announces 8th Annual POPSUGAR 100 Winners -- The Most Popular Celebrities of 2014
POPSUGAR, the leading online destination for the latest pop culture, entertainment and lifestyle content, today released the eighth annual POPSUGAR 100 winners -- the top 100 most popular celebrities and influencers of the year.

Newcastle Brown Ale's Made-Up "Independence Eve" Holiday Celebrates How Great America Could Have Been if Britain Had Won the Revolutionary War
Every Independence Day, American beer companies festoon their cans with stars and stripes and exploit the nation's strong sense of patriotism -- not to mention the outcome of a 231-year-old war -- to sell more beer. The makers of the famously British beer Newcastle Brown Ale think that's bollocks, mostly because they're British and they lost the war.

Oscars Become Increasingly Social: 97% of Oscars Viewers Polled Will Also Engage on Social Media; Beyonce Voted Biggest Social Media Popstar
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 26, 2014) - Influenster, a community of social media tastemakers, now 550k strong, asked members to weigh in on the biggest awards show of the season: The Oscars.

Super Bowl Commercials 2014 -- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 03, 2014) - Super Bowl commercials are among the most expensive in the world mainly because of the mass audience the game attracts. Millions of people in America and around the world tune in every year to watch the game and major brands invest heavily to get a spot on air. In fact, many people watch the games just for the commercials

Newcastle Brown Ale Taps Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson to Star in the Greatest Big Game Ad Never Made
Actress and singer Anna Kendrick has racked up an impressive string of triumphs: Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for her performance in "Up in the Air;" a starring role in the hit film "Pitch Perfect;" and most recently with her 2013 triple-platinum single, "Cups

Anna Kendrick gets frustrated when asked about 'lipstick' instead of career
Anna Kendrick has revealed that she finds it frustrating that she is asked more about her fashion choices than her career.

Cameron Diaz flaunts 'prosthetic' baby bump for new movie
Cameron Diaz is sporting a baby bump these days, but it's a prosthetic one for her new movie 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'.

Coraline Partners Focus Features and LAIKA Reteam for Two-Picture Distribution Deal
Focus Features and LAIKA, the two companies behind the Academy Award-nominated animated feature Coraline are reteaming for LAIKA's next two projects. The first of the duo, ParaNorman, will be released nationwide on August 17, 2012. The second, yet-to-be-named, picture will be released nationwide in 2014

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