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Rob Knox

About Rob Knox

Rob Knox is an actor in an upcoming Harry Potter film. He is murdered in Sidcup, South East of London, in May 2007 when trying to protect his younger brother Jamie. Karl Bishop was found guilty of the murder by the London's Old Bailey court. It is reported that Karl and Knox had a fight the previous week. The following week, Karl was denied entry into the bar and again had a fight with Knox. Karl returned home, fetched kitchen knives, went to the bar and murdered Knox by stabbing him five times outside the bar.

Rob Knox in News

Late Harry Potter star Rob Knoxs mom reveals her pride at movie screening
Late Brit actor Rob Knoxs mother has revealed her pride for her son, after viewing an emotional private screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. ANI

Murdered Harry Potter stars dad brands sons killer spineless scumbag
Murdered Harry Potter star Rob Knoxs father has branded his sons killer spineless scumbag. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe pays tribute to murdered Harry Potter actor Rob Knox
Brit actor Daniel Radcliffe, 19, has written a heart-felt note to pay tribute to his murdered Harry Potter co-star Rob Knox. ANI

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